UALR Nursing applicants 2018 - page 10

Hi everyone! I wanted to start post for all of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock nursing school applicants. Priority application submission starts today and ends Feb 28 but you can still... Read More

  1. by   hoppert
    I still haven't gotten any waitlist or denial emails. Anyone else in the same situation?
  2. by   Elexus
    Hoppert you should call ask to be sure something isn't wrong. I think next week is the last they will be sending out emails.

    Does anyone know UALR Final exam dates? My exams at my current school doesn't begin until 2nd week of May, so the earliest I could even send my unofficial grades is May 10, I'm probably going to do overnight shipping.
  3. by   dea16
    Finals are May 1-8
  4. by   Tiff5054
    Anyone hear anything yet?
  5. by   Elexus
    Nope! Probably want hear anything until May
  6. by   Mrsrobinson94
    yea the only way we would hear something this early is if a large number of applicants declined acceptance or changed there minds... we probably won't receive emails until some people fail or drop and that definitely won't be until the end of may
  7. by   Elexus
    As anyone else taking Rhet 3316 or 3326? I was going to take it in May at UALR but I just found out financial aid want cover it since I'm not in the BSN even if I get into the AAS program I will not be able to take it until I move up to the upper level course. It's just too expensive to pay out of pocket since I will be paying out of pocket for Nurs 1300. Does anyone know if they offer it at Pulaski Tech online?
  8. by   Tiff5054
    I have no idea, but have you considered taking Med term to try to be eligible for finaid ? I'm hoping to do so in order to use my Pell grant (i did not take classes this past year so I should be eligible). Now I'm wondering if they'll even let me take it and it be covered with financial aid since it's not technically a course I would need for the nursing program...
  9. by   Elexus
    I already taking Med term like 2 semester ago because it's a requirement for my current school nursing program UALR counted as a upper level elective for me. I literally have completed everything I can take within my degree plan so I don't know what to do. I don't remember if you got accepted or waitlisted but if you got waitlisted financial aid will definitely not cover it if you are planning on doing it before Nurs1300
  10. by   Olloway
    Hi I was curious did you submit any test scores with your application thanks for your response
  11. by   Olloway
    Hi,are you wait-listed
  12. by   Elexus
    There are no test requirements for the UALR Nursing program.
  13. by   mag08nav
    Hi everyone, does anyone know if Jan-Feb the only time to apply to the nursing program? When does the program start. I have all but 3 of the prerequisite but I will be taking 2 in the summer.