1. I'm a current RN student, and I'm interested to find out the current pay for new RN grads in Arkansas. Could anyone tell me approximately how much new RNs are paid in Arkansas? Thank you so much!!!
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    A little late, but in case you are still wondering: I'm a new grad from CA and have recently received a job offer from a hospital in Fort Smith - HR tells me that new grad RN pay is $19.17 an hour not including the added $3.50/hour for night shift differential.

    I don't know if this is normal for this area - that's why I'm on here trying to figure it out but coming from the Bay Area in CA where new grads earn $40-$50/hour not including differential, it seems way low. Then again, cost of living in AR is a far cry from CA.
  5. by   dmskoka
    I moved to Little Rock 18 months ago from the San Francisco Bay Area.. That is the starting pay here.. I had such huge school loans - my school loan is almost the same as my monthly rent here but I made it work.. As you know there are no jobs back home :-) .. I got into a great new grad program and for me it was the best thing... Wishing you the best!! and congrats on a job offer!!! so hard these days........ the rent is cheaper here and utilities and gas but food and everything else the same - even more...