moving from virginia - hospitals and RN Pay

  1. Hello all

    I am an RN with 10* yrs exposure in med/surg/cardiology ICU, my hubby got aj ob in NW arkansas, so planning to move, Can anyone please advise me which hospitals i can try and the RN pay rate I can expect,, Please
    which facilites in fayetteville/bentoville/springdale are good to work as RN

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   RNewbie
    I have not personally worked in Arkansas so I am not familiar with the facilities, but you can probably expect to make $18-20/hr.
  4. by   ajlv10
    thanks for the comment,Is this rate for New RN, can anyone please let me know the good hospitals and payrates, I am really confused whether to move to NW arkansas or not

    Thanks in advance
  5. by   Witty3RN
    I would expect that area of Arkansas for 10 years experience that you will probably start around $35 hr. I know that one of the big hospitals in little rock starts new grads at $25 hr. And that area of Arkansas is pretty comparable to LR economic wise, if not better.
  6. by   ajlv10
    Thanks for the reply, Is that 35 the basepay wow, , without shift differential or with shift differential? we cant expect this in dallas.. I am trying some jobs in mercy, northwest and washington in NW arkansas, I never thought they will offer 35 IN NW AR,
  7. by   Witty3RN
    That pay is weekend with shift diff, I have a friend that works in the area. She said average was around 28 with experience.
  8. by   ajlv10
    thanks witty3, that is wht i was thinking too, but for ccu nurse, they may pay more