LPN Programs in AR?

  1. What are some schools that offer good LPN programs in the state? Any tips on getting in? I plan on getting my CNA this semester to give me a better chance for admission. My GPA is alright but not the best (3.7) so I'm afraid to apply for a BSN program. I probably won't get in since I don't have any experience. I've read that it's much easier to bridge from LPN to RN.
    Any advice is much appreciated
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  3. by   FutureRNArk
    I think you would get into an RN program just fine. 3.7 is a great GPA. Have you looked at any RN programs?
  4. by   MissMiniPink
    I'm thinking about applying at ASU and maybe start looking at schools in Little Rock. Its kind of hard because most of the ones I looked at require different pre-reqs. Have you applied to any yet?
  5. by   BlackBettyRN,OCN
    I know this post is old, but did you ever apply to any program? Were you accepted?
  6. by   figureskating
    I went to Baptist Health Schools of Nursing for my LPN training. They're a good school and make sure you know your stuff. It's a very hard school though. You have to have at least 77% to get a C. My class started out with about 87 students and by graduation day we only had 57 left.
  7. by   Khalea09
    Figure skating lpn may I ask what did you score on the ACT ??