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Hi everyone:redbeathe...can anyone tell me roughly the pay here in Arkansas for an LPN and an RN, hospital and or dr. office ? And also, if responding could you include which part of Arkansas? Thank... Read More

  1. by   BethT
    I am trying to decide whether to get my LPN first or go straight for my RN due to financial reasons. It is so crazy that LPN's with no exp are making 19 and a new grad RN is roughly the same. I'm guessing its the LTC difference... can anyone explain that to me? I would be living in the Little Rock area.
  2. by   livinlife67
    Hey BethT! I am working on getting my LPN right now...as you mentioned...for financial reasons and also because the only nearby RN program only accepts 40 students per YEAR and last year they had over 270 applicants. I have called several of the hospitals in NW Arkansas, and they do still hire LPNs, but LPNs cannot work on specialty floors like Labor and Delivery or ICU. My plan is to work as an LPN and do an RN bridge program while I'm working. Many of the hospitals here will pay for your bridge program if you will contract to work for them for a certain time period. So...thats my plan. As I stated in a previous post, the nursing home in Springdale where my mom lives offered me a LPN job as soon as I graduate starting out at $19.00 per hour plus full benefits. And...a friend of mine works at Washington Regional in Fayetteville as an LPN with three years of experience, and she makes $22.00 an hour. I think it really just depends on what facility you get in with....there is a broad range of pay that I've found through researching it...
  3. by   gipsonbee
    The youth home in Alexander pays $27-$28. This is a salary position. I am a new grad RN. I am gonna start at a LTC facility next week, I haven't negotiated my pay yet but, I will be a supervisor RN which will pay more than the average RN starting there but, the LPN, well at least one I know there makes $26.00 an hour. She has 3 years experience. I have five years experience as an LPN so I'm sure I will top that. I will post back next week and let you all know my new grad starting pay.
  4. by   BethT
    That is so crazy how the pay for LPN's can fluctuate. I've heard in AR LPN's make 10-12 per hour. If that is true it is pointless to get an LPN then RN, for me anyway!
  5. by   smileyy27
    Arkansas Children Hospital pays lpn 11.50. I'm a new grad, june '09. I work as an assistant living 18hr nights no differential. I'm looking for somthing that pays more and offer tuition assistance as Im currently working on RN pre req. Any suggestions????
  6. by   jujueRN
    Quote from nursemommywife
    Hi, I live in central Arkansas. Starting pay here is around 19.10 for new grads no experience. 3.50 shift diff/1.75 wkend where I work. It is ok but cannot wait to have some experience so I can get a better job and actually negotiate pay!:typing
    Good luck with that nursemommywife!! I've been a nurse for 15 yrs and have never successfully negotiated pay. They make an offer and you either accept or move on. At least that's the way it has always been for me. :chuckle:
  7. by   Crazyclerk
    Oh goodness! 11.75? I'm a clerk looking into becomming a nurse, and that's what I make now! Looking for better pay and a career that is always in demand, 11.75/hr is a little sad. Maybe that's just me.
  8. by   nurserocks78
    I am looking to relocate by Marcella AR and I am from SE Oklahoma. I am an LPN but would like to get my RN pretty soon. I currently work at a LTC making $19/hr and I have 6 years exp. Can anybody tell me the best place to work in that area with the same rate of pay or at least close to it? I have about 4 yrs exp with ventilator patients and 6 yrs with geriatrics as the LTC I work for has a ventilator unit and if you work it, it is usually $20/hr. Thanks so much!
  9. by   gapeacheykeen
    I wanted to re-start this thread....I am going through a divorce and have re-located to Ravenden Springs, AR. I am wanting to become an LPN and work my way through to a doctorate in psychology. I don't know this area at all and know little about pay rates. What can I expect to make in 2011 as a LPN fresh out of school? If you could please include if it is at a hospital, LTC, or doctors office. I am trying to figure a few things out and what I can expect.
  10. by   gapeacheykeen
    Also, if you could please say what city you are working in as well. This information would be most helpful! I know that the cost of living in Arkansas,mostly, is cheaper than Savannah but am still trying to figure out what I can mostly look for as pay. If there are any secrets anyone has to making a good resume, I also need to get a job now!
  11. by   JasWebbBSN-RN
    New Grads in the Little Rock, AR area $19-20 starting out with BSN