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  1. We are considering a transfer from the Chicago area to NW Arkansas. Can anyone shed some light on the quality of life there? Cost of living, taxes, schools, recreation, healthcare, jobs, climate, and of course, shopping. Thanks!
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  3. by   (pre) Nurse Tigger
    Life is great in NW Arkansas! The schools in Bentonville, Rogers area are top in the state! Gang violence is low, crime rate is low. Shopping is good b/c Fayettville, Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers all have colleges (so they have to have decent clothes). Eureka Springs is nearby, so you always have a quick getaway vacation that's cheap. Even the traffic is decent. The only thing I would check out is the pay rate for where you're going. If you don't like the pay in Arkansas, Missouri is only about 1 hour away. Welcome to the area!!
  4. by   BRANDY LPN
    The quality of life is good and although the pay may be lower the cost of living is low too. Also the people are friendly and the scenery(sp) is awesome! In my opinion is the greatest place on earth!
  5. by   Jolie
    Thanks all for the info. It sounds like a beautiful area, but the job has been filled, so we'll be staying in Chicago.
  6. by   Jolie
    I'm giving this a bump back up to the top, as hubby is once again considering a position in the Bentonville area.

    My primary concern is schools, as I have 2 girls, one in elementary school, and one in junior high.

    What can you tell me about schools, sports, recreational facilities, climate, cost of living, healthcare facilities, etc?
  7. by   (pre) Nurse Tigger
    As per the sports, recreational facilities at the schools, and schools, they are top-notch. Be aware that this is a VERY small town compared to Chicago. Most of the schools use basal model, but there are a few that use the comprehensive literacy model. My mom teaches at Apple Glen Elementary and she's giving me all this information. There are two free-choice continuous calender (year-round) schools. They are not zoned and they are not the comprehensive literacy model schools. There are 6 elementary schools right now, with another opening in the fall, with a population of 650-700 students per K-4. There are 3 middle/junior high schools, 6-8 grades. There is a VERY large high school (brand new) and it has separate campuses for each of the 9-12 grades. You should check out the Arkansas Department of Education (Google it) and look for the school report cards. This will tell you the demographics of the area and how each school rates. Housing is booming, they just opened a brand-new mall, there is always something to do here. About the climate - it's moderate. It isn't NEARLY as cold as Chicago, with not nearly as much snow or wind. Summers average at about mid-80s and this winter is very warm! The normal high is about 40-45. Today was at about 50. However, last winter, we had a few days that were below 0 degrees. There are a lot of lakes, trails, biking trails, parks, etc. in the area. The Jones Center is nearby, it's a FREE place to swim, ice skate, play basketball, soccer, lift weights, educational opportunities . . . . it's really nice! They're online, too. The Walton Arts Center is nearby. It's an arts theater. Near the high school, they're building a "world class" art museum. It should be open by the end of the year. OH! The XNA (NorthWest Arkansas Regional) Airport is right outside of Bentonville. Flights go in and out of there to major ports of the U.S. (Chicago included) daily. If you have any more questions, just let me know! Hope this helps!
  8. by   Jolie
    Thanks, Tigger.

    We should know about the job within a couple of weeks. I've been on some real estate websites and am excited about the beautiful homes available in our price range. The housing dollar will definitely go farther there!
  9. by   Delaina
    i live in bentonville and both my children go to school here. it's a wonderful place to live and even though i've lived in other states (colorado), i always considered this "home" for sure.
  10. by   LuvLondon04
    Quote from Jolie
    Thanks, Tigger.

    We should know about the job within a couple of weeks. I've been on some real estate websites and am excited about the beautiful homes available in our price range. The housing dollar will definitely go farther there!

    I'm excited that you will be moving to our area! This place has really been home for me (even though I've lived in places like London and Los Angeles). I grew up here and can vouch for the quality of the Bentonville schools. Living in the South, sports are very important and offer many opportunities throughout the education levels to get involved. The facilities are state-of-the-art and new ones are being built all the time. The extracurricular activities are plentiful and the teachers are both knowledgeable and personable. I loved attending school here even through to the university level.

    As for the area itself, it's growing tremendously (mostly due to the Wal Mart traffic) with new restauarants, another hospital, the new mall..etc. The university provides a lot of family activities with their college games and summer sports camps. Real estate is plentiful and there are beautiful homes out there to be had. My mom (a real estate appraiser for the county) has mentioned new and beautiful constructions are on the books until 2015. The climate is warmer than Chicago in the winter but very hot and humid in the summer. From what I hear about Chicago's weather, it is not all that different in the summers. We rarely get snow and ice, but when we do it's *usually* gone in a few days. The counties have learned to deal better with it each passing year.

    I hope you enjoy your time here and possibly stay for good! I have known many families that have. It may be smaller (and a better climate) than Chicago, but a wonderful place to settle your family for a while. Good Luck and Welcome!
  11. by   nanna1999
    It is a wonderful state to live in. i traveled with the navy for many years and was glad to get back to arkansas. the bentonville area is a nice place. we have interstate 540 that can get u around well. we have the college and walmart traffic. tyson co is located in springdale.
    the schools are decent. many churches of every denomination.
    u can go line and get the hospitals and u are able to apply on line.
  12. by   turtletyme
    My husband and I are moving back to Arkansas.:spin: :roll I was raised in LR. We will live in NW Ar. Unfortunely, I do not know much about this area and the hospitals. I am a new grad and would like to work in a place that would be supportive. Need some input. Does anybody know where we could maybe rent a place with enough acreage for 2 horses?
    I will be calling the HOGS soon!!!!!!!