ASU Accelerated BSN Program

  1. Any of you apply to Arkansas State University's Accel. BSN program?

    Anyone know when they'll make their decisions?

    To quote Tom Petty; "The wai-ai-aiting is the harrrrdest part."

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  3. by   sserrn
    I applied! Can't wait to find out! Acceptance/rejection () letters are supposed to be sent out the first week of June, as per the pre-nursing advisor. And orientation is supposed to be June 18th, again per the advisor. Good luck! I hope we both get accepted!
  4. by   thespikyhairedgirl
    Hi Murseinthemaking, thanks for the info on the accept/reject letters! One more week!

    One thing though--on the applications, it says June 11th for orientation....?

    Yes, good luck to you and I hope we both get in, too!
  5. by   sserrn
    Yeah, I saw that too. Then, I don't know if you've read the FAQs or not, but on there it says orientation is usually the Thursday or Friday before classes start, so I was wondering which was correct and e-mailed the pre-nursing advisor and she said the 18th. So, who knows?, but I'm going with the 18th for now. I'm sure our acceptance letters will give more info.
  6. by   hopefulkim99
    Hi anyone still around who attended this program, I have a few questions thank you!