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Hi everyon, I’m considering moving to Arizona to be closer to family but I’ve most hospitals there are not union. Having worked always in union hospitals I’m Nervous about the possibility of working in a non union position. My question is does anyone know of hospitals in the Phoenix area that have unions? Thanks!

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According to a cursory web search, St Mary's and St Joseph's in Tucson voted to unionize last fall.


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Arizona is a right to work state, not remotely union friendly. I am not aware of any hospital here in Phoenix where nurses are unionized in the private or public sector (unless VA nurses are, maybe?). I'm from Minneapolis where most nurses are represented. I'd rather be in a union setting myself; the reality is that pay, benefits and staffing are almost always better for bedside nurses and other front line workers.

Many here are vigorously opposed to unions though they have no actual experience with one, just political thoughts. You even bring them up, it's like you casually mentioned having brunch with the devil.... people freak out.

All that said, there are still good places to work, and you can make a living. Don't let that one issue hold you back if you really want to be here. Good luck!


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Yes, Nurses at the VAMC have the option of belonging to the AFGE Union!

I work at St. Marys in Tucson, AZ. In October of 2018 we became unionized along with our sister hospital, St. Joseph's. We are represented by National Nurses United/ NNOC which was founded by California Nurses Association. We are the only two hospitals in Arizona that are unionized (outside of the VA)..for now ?.


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Do you still work at st Mary's? We need strong unions in Arizona.

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