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I am starting Nursing School in January and I am wondering how many hours those of you in the FULL TIME program are working and still managing to pull off good grades??? How many hours what is your... Read More

  1. by   GlendaleStudent
    Is the $3500 for Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans? There are also "Alternative" student loans, which I don't really know much about, but do
    a search on this website for "Alternative Student Loans" or "Private Student Loans"
    Hope this helps!!
  2. by   IrishItalianRN
    Mine are unsubsidized, so i have to pay the interest. What are the alternative loans does anyone know? I heard that you arent eligible for any other sort of loan at community colleges.
    I will do a search...
    Thanks GlendaleStudent!
  3. by   Calzonan RN
    Thrashej, I knew you had time off, I didn't know you got that much time off, that's great!!! What I'm wondering about is that I'll be finishing or in the middle of block II next December (I think) since I finish Blk I in June. I'm hoping they time it so that I get the time off in December and then start Blk III in Jan '07. I'm already in the p/t program, I was asking for Italian to see if she could switch, but I guess she's already looked into that. Darn, I was hoping for a friend in my classes. IKWYM about this break going too fast. I just finished my last final in patho last Thurs. and I start back up Jan 5 for math class, then our first real NS class is Jan 13th. Maybe I'll see you around since we go to classes the same days? Also, how soon into school did you need your stethoscope? I'm looking to get a new one but I don't want to get it too early if I don't have to. THX
    Italian, the interview sounds great, what's it for? I hope it works out for you and if it gets too tough then maybe you can switch during like Thrashej suggested. I'm jealous that you've already started your assignments. I don't even want to crack a book yet, and we have assignments before school starts too. Good thing I got all my books, now I just got to figure out if someone got me my backpack rollerthing for xmas or if I have to go buy one!
    Well, chat later, Keli
  4. by   Curious1alwys

    You don't need a rolling backpack. You will not have to bring all your books to class............and you won't want to either, believe I would not waste the money. I got one too but then returned it. If you have a normal backpack that should work fine.

    You won't need a steth right away. I think the only time we used ours was during assessment for the head to toes. That was late in the semester. Honestly, you don't need much of ANYTHING other than your books. Like I said, I would put off buying as much as I could until I got into class and really got a "feel" for it. You'll kick yourself cuz you will see all the gadgets your classmates have and then want them too,

    I didn't even need my notebooks. Everything is Power Point. You may need a hole puncher and a HUGE three ring binder, but that is IT!!!

    You should get exactly the same break as me for December. I don't see why not??? I start on the 13th too. Yep, I will see you for sure around...Don't be afraid to say "HI"

    108% Italian??????????????????? Didn't know that was possible!!!! With grades like that you may find yourself a total anxiety case in NS for getting an 85%!! ...which is a C, by the way...(I think) :chuckle You guys will do fine...
  5. by   Curious1alwys

    For World Religions....did you have that crazy haired Einstein lookin' teacher that is always disorganized and in a rush?? He is a man, don't know his name. I had him for Philosophy and WR and got an A in both even though I don't know how.... WHATEVER!!
  6. by   IrishItalianRN
    Yes 108% BUT thats because i did the extra credit assignment of giving a presentation at the end of the semester. Plus i only missed 2 questions on the final. I had Pohlhaus for this class. He doesnt look like Einstein but maybe Santa Clause, and my teacher was VERY organized ... so probably not the same guy... weird thing is he lives about 5 houses down from me too ... for Philosophy 101 i had Jim Pourchot (french guy) ver nice and somewhat disorganized... still not Einstein I think your talking about Reppert? Maybe?
  7. by   marykate21
    It all depends on how you prioritize--working is GREATLY discouraged at my school, but you sort of do what you have to do...I work about 20 hours a week and go to school full time in an accelerated program and so far it hasn't caused me any problems--good luck! Work provides you an excellent experience but do not in any way let it interfere with your grades!
  8. by   IrishItalianRN
    Thanks MaryKate21!