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Has anyone else applied to the program in Tucson and heard either way from them?... Read More

  1. by   Staragate
    Waiting by the phone myself for UAUMC. I did my preceptorship there and I loved it.
  2. by   Staragate
    Anybody hear anything yet? I'm still "Under Consideration"

  3. by   popmode77
    Me too... Nothing yet lol... "under consideration"
  4. by   Staragate
    My friend who was a tech there just got hired. Hopefully that means they will consider external candidates soon.
  5. by   mb19
    Do you know what unit she got hired to? Was it for the new grad program?
  6. by   Staragate
    It was for the CVICU new grad. I'm going for Neuro/cardio myself.
  7. by   popmode77
    Hey mb19!

    How did your interviews go? Did you end up flying out here or just taking a phone interview?
  8. by   mb19
    Hi! I couldn't fly out because with the short notice prices were insanely expensive, and without a gaurantee job I couldn't spend that kind of money. I wish I could have though because I would love to work there! So it was two phone interviews for me, I think they went well but it's kind of difficult to tell on the phone. Still waiting to hear back!
  9. by   happylittlenurse
    Did anyone receive any job offers? According to my interviews/HR they were supposed to begin offers on jan 25/26... Please let us all know if you've gotten a call from HR (and congratulations!)