spring 08 nursing program

  1. I have been accepted in the nursing program at Scottsdale Community. Just wondering if any one is in that program or is on the list for that program? I was wondering what is expected. How is the program, what hospitals are involved, hours, and so forth. Any information about what I am getting myself into would be appreciated.
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  3. by   tlvbabysoft
    If you go to this site you can see which days clinicals are scheduled for SCC for your block by searching under query by school....just look for the B1 (block 1) and follow it to the right..tells you when they start, what days, times, and what rotation (LTC long term care,etc)...if there is more than one setup for the same block and times there is usually an indicator to the right which class it is for...usually healthcare agency programs are listed (abrazo, etc)

  4. by   JMurse89
    Congrats on your acceptance! I'm just wondering how long your wait was...

    Thanks! Jeremy
  5. by   wimpy
    Thanks for the congrats. I signed up in October of 06. At that time I was 846 on the list. When I was assigned to SCC, there was still 1377 on the list. I think the reason that the list is so long is that they don't require the pre-req's they did when I started. Now I have to go through them again.
  6. by   Staric
    Are you going to be in the Partnership program or the Traditional program?? They have two programs.. The Partnership program has class two days a week from about 9ish to 3ish and then a clinical day of 6am-ish to 7pm. I am in the partnership program and it took me 15 months on the wait list to get in.. You can see the hospitals on the website tylbabysoft sent... The program is ALOT of work, you need to study all the time, I don't suggest you work.. or minimum of hours.. But, its nursing school- They are ALL HARDWORK!!! good luck to you....