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  1. Hi all, I'm new to this site. I've been reading for a few days now and fell in love so I decided to join.
    I'm currently at GCC taking pre-reqs aiming for ASU. I have quite a few to go. I know I need to keep my gpa up but it's so hard being that I have 3 kids and I'm a stay at home mom & student.
    My question is, What are your opinions on going to school while taking care of a family? It's tough at times but I know it can be done. Any of you did it and if so how was it for you? Were you able to maintain good grades? Any advice would help.

    My kids & my fiance' are my motivation but I guess I just want to hear anyone else's experience that could give me some encouragement. I just need to hear some success stories from other moms I guess.

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  3. by   bethanphetamine
    I'm a SAHM of a five-year-old boy, and a three-year-old girl. I've been in school for the last year and a half or so busting through my pre reqs and getting my EMT. It's definitely not easy, but it's definitely not impossible. Last semester I took 17 credits including micro, a&p 2, and nutrition all at the same time. I have earned all As while in school this time around (I had a few classes with subpar grades from my first go at college years ago, before hubs and kiddos.). I think what has saved me from disaster is my amazing husband, and his folks live here and are able to watch the kids from time to time. We haven't been able to afford to put the kids in day care, so we have had a lot of precise scheduling with classes. I'm still trying to find work as a tech somewhere and plan to work through nursing school. I will be volunteering at a local hospital as well. My house is a complete disaster, dinner is rarely ready right away, and the laundry isn't done on time, but I'm determined to bust through all of this so that in two years, life will be better. I know the tasks at hand can seem daunting, but you CAN do it!
  4. by   toy85
    First off I want to say, WOW!! Amazing job getting all A's. I will be taking A&P 2, CDE232 & FON 241. If I could get all A's that would be amazing. I know I can do it it's just that I worry so much about not doing it that I get nervous & it doesn't happen. You seem very bust just as I am and you are a living proof that it CAN be done. You go girl! lol
    Your house sounds like mine, I try & get a little done here and there but it seems to catch up with me. My parents help out a lot! They keep the kids almost anytime I need. My mom makes dinner & brings it over for us most of the time also. My fiance' is a carsalesman & is hardly ever home so that leaves me at home with the kids on weekends and evenings. I have a 3 year old girl, and 2 boys, almost 4 and 13 months. It can get pretty hectic in this house but manageble.
    I'm taking my Eng 102 at Estrella Summ II since it's closer to my home. I just have to finish with all A's because I know how competitive ASU is and I am praying that I get in.
    Thank you so much for responding,
    it's great to know there are more people out there in the same boat as you but manage to stay afloat.
  5. by   toy85
    Also, what can you share your experiences with a&p 2 & nutrition? Where did you take them and how did you study and get by?
  6. by   bethanphetamine
    I had the most amazing teacher for A&P. He has been my favorite teacher of all of my classes. Truthfully, having that great foundation in A&P has helped me through a lot of my other classes. I took FON241 online. It was tedious at times, but a decent foundation in chemistry and A&P and you shouldn't have any problems. The homework was usually harder than the tests, and since my online exams were timed my only issue was finding 30 minutes to actually sit quietly and be uninterrupted while taking the test! If you find that you are struggling, form a study group with other classmates, or go to your campus tutoring center. Quiet time where I didn't have to worry about my kids was always how I studied best, so I made it a point to come early on test days and brush up, or some nights I would just tell my hubs, "I HAVE to study. I'm locking myself in the bedroom. You watch the kids." haha! It worked for me though. Most of my classes have been through CGC. My hubs works 50-60 hour weeks, so I am usually with the kids as well.
  7. by   Julesmama28
    I am in Colorado, but wanted to add that this can be done! I have been a sahm/ student for a long time. I have eight kids, and last year I went full time for 3 semesters straight! I kept a 3.8 gpa through it all and was accepted into a very competitive BSN program here. I'm so excited, and a lot nervous! I know that I have a lot more drive, smarts, determination and ability to succeed than I did pre-kids. You can do it, if you really want to! Good luck!
  8. by   toy85
    Wow you ladies have truly motivated me! I'm so ready to do this now! Wow julesmama 8 kids & a 3.8? You are a superwoman! Congrats on getting accepted! Thank you both so much for the input, I really feel like I could do this. I too feel that after the kids I became more driven. They are the ones who keep me motivated. Thanks again! Good luck to both of you!
  9. by   ahsile
    I am a stay at home mom of 5 and have been a full-time student working through pre-reqs for 2 years now. I have a 3.8 GPA (only because of 1 C, all the rest are A's but that one C killed my GPA!!) I will be doing my last semester of pre-reqs this Fall and then applying to NAU or ASU for the BSN program. I won't lie it is so stressfull! My savior has been my husband and my parents and Starbucks, Denny's or Paradise Bakery. When I am in school my husband or my parents take my kids at least 3-4 nights per week and I hit up one of those restaurants and stay and study there for several hours. I tried studying while I was at home but that was impossible because I always had at least one kid yelling "MOMMMMYYYYY!!" So I found the best thing for me was to get out of the house. A&P 1 and 2 was for me, by far, the most difficult of all my classes so far. I'm usually really good at sciences but those classes really tested me. I blew through Nutrition, that wasn't hard for me at all and actually I learned so much in that class. In the fall I'm taking Pathophysiology, Microbiology, statistics and one other class, can't remember. So A&P might be a cake walk compared to this final semester - I am NOT looking forward to it. My kids are definitely my motivation. Well my kids and summer vacations on the beach, because since I've been a stay-at-home mom we haven't taken a single vacation because of finances but when I'm a nurse you better believe we will be going on that vacation and at least one vacation a year LOL!! Good luck to you! You can do it!
  10. by   toy85
    Thank you so much, you've given me so much hope. I'm so nervous about taking my 2nd a&p since I made a C in the first. I can't take another C cuz it will damage my gpa. I just hope to remained focused & get through to get into a BSN program.
  11. by   Prettypinkbubbles
    It most certainly can be done. I completed the ADN program at Gateway Community College, then immedietly enrolled in the 14 month RN-BSN program at Grand Canyon University, all while raising two young boys, and working full time outside of the home. (and don't worry, A & P II was much easier than A & P I. I took them both at Estrella, so PM me if you want the name of some good instructors.)
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  12. by   toy85
    Thanks @prettypinkbubbles I'll be at GCC this semester taking 4 of GCU's pre-reqs. Bio202, fon241, arh102, & maybe psy230 or hcr210. Which one? I just need to ace them all because I'll be applying to GCU in the spring for summer '13.
  13. by   Ceeza
    Quote from Prettypinkbubbles
    It most certainly can be done. I completed the ADN program at Gateway Community College, then immedietly enrolled in the 14 month RN-BSN program at Grand Canyon University, all while raising two young boys, and working full time outside of the home. (and don't worry, A & P II was much easier than A & P I. I took them both at Estrella, so PM me if you want the name of some good instructors.)
    Would you give the initials? I plan in taking AP1 this fall
  14. by   Prettypinkbubbles
    I really liked MH. I took her class for AP 2, however she does teach both, and i would recommend taking both with her. I had ES for AP 1. He was a little more difficult but a good instructor nonetheless.