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Is it just me or does it seem like everytime a new email comes from the Maricopa Community Colleges Nursing department the news seems to be getting worse:mad:. Today I open my email to find yet... Read More

  1. by   JustMeee
    Curious - does anyone know if you have to take the cultural diversity courses (about 12 credits) if you already have a bachelor's degree? I read a post a few days ago that made it sound like those 12 hrs are waived for people with bachelor's degrees. Does anyone have any other info on it? Thanks in advance!
  2. by   JustMeee
    Do you have any info on the wait time (now) to get into block 3 of the RN program from LPN? Thx!

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    I am a LPN about to finish my RN. It was faster to get my LPN then my RN. With that said, pay attention to the
    Profession, anticipate the changes. To be a profession it is best to have one entry point, and to have everyone hold a four year degree or higher. Nursing is starting to go in that direction. I have many friends that are from states where a BSN is now or soon will have BSN's or higher getting hired and those with RN's being told they need to go futher in their education ASAP. There is not a nursing shortage at this time making it a perfect time to make this change. It is to make our wonderful profession even better! Join the ANA to keep up with changes and the politics of nursing.
  3. by   Crystal74
    Hey guys for some strange reason I'm not being updated on replies via my email. I have had several mentors and have had the opportunity to shadow lots of managers and for what I want to go into in nursing at this time a BSN wouldn't help me. Instead my plan is to get my RN and then transfer to a school like University of Phoenix where I can automatically get a MSN which is what I need to get to go into Manangement.

    I know this is a great program for most people, just not for me.