Pima or Itt Tech RN Program

  1. Hi, Has does anyone have any information on the pima rn program or the itt tech rn program?
    I was wandering about cost and schedules. When the classes start?
    I think the itt tech program is new?
    Thannks to anyone that can help.
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  3. by   LovelyMe
    I dont have any info on ITT becuase i never knew they had a nursing program.
    And I'm assuming you mean Pima Medical Institute and not Pima Comm College... But PMI tuition is 40k. Its pricey but its 2 years and they provide all books and scrubs. I've heard a lot of good things about them- which is one of the reasons i'm considering them. I've done some internet research and from what I see they have a high graduation rate and a very high NCLEX pass rate.
    I'm going to an orientation meeting to find out more next week at PMI Tucson. If I find out anything extra i'll let you know.

  4. by   crangel
    Thanks. I am trying to get into the seminar in Mesa next thursday, right now its full but they said I could call closer to the time and maybe they will have cancellations. Hopefully I can go, otherwise not until Dec 10th, I am also looking at Apollo College as well.
  5. by   kristiel6
    did you get into the RN program at PMI in Tucson?
  6. by   crangel
    No, actually I was looking at PMI in PHX, however there nexy class does not start until July. I am actually starting Apollo's RN program next month.
  7. by   prayin2pass1day
    personally i did not have a good experience with a "fast track technicial school" i advise you to look at all of your options
  8. by   mommabear40
    I hear ITT is around 52K to 57K and we would still have to pay for our uniforms. I am going to Pima Medical tomorrow to see what their requirements are, to some orientation of sorts. Friday I will go and see Apollo which over the phone they said it would cost 47K. Are any of these schools serious about the cost of tuition? It is outrageous.
  9. by   crangel
    Yes, they are serious. I started Apollo's RN program today. But everything is included in the cost. Uniforms, books, everything you need. It is costly, however you will be done by the time you would enter a program at a mcc college program after waiting 2 years. Itt tech is new, so not sure on their program. I have heard good things about Pima medical and Apollo. But pima is too far for me cause I'm in the west valley.
  10. by   mommabear40
    I agree it is a lot quicker than UNM or any CC. Has anyone taken the entrance exam for PIMA. Itt does the HESI but has you take all of it, in order to get into the program and you have to average a 70%
  11. by   crangel
    I haven't taken the one for Pima, but the Apollo one you only take math, vocab, and reading. You also have to take another entrance test called the Cpat test. Its like a general test before the Hesi, but it is pretty simple.
    I think you have to go to the seminar before they give you any info on the test. Same as apollo, I had to go to an info seminar and was scheduled for the Pima one, but cancelled because of the distance.
  12. by   scaves
    Hi, Pima Medical Institute in Mesa/Phoenix requires you to take a Math entrance exam; a critical thinking and English exam (called Wunderlich); with a minimum score for each of those exams. Nursing's is the highest score required for any program at Pima. Once you pass those two exams, you are required to take the HESI. You must have a cummulative overall score of 75% or higher to be considered for nursing. You do not take the A&P, the Biology, or the Chemistry sections. You do take the Math and all 6 sections of the English. The selection process for Pima nursing is based on several factors - your math and Wunderlich scores; your HESI score; your high school and college GPA; science courses taken in high school and college; any certifications you have in health care; volunteer service; experience in health care; and most importantly your interview with a faculty member. For each of these areas you get points. The higher your points, the higher you are on the selection list. However, that being said, your interview is the essential part for selection. They are looking for someone who truely has the heart of a nurse; an understanding of the hard work ahead of them in school; and a plan of success. Hope that helps. Pima Medical Institute has 3 nursing programs - one in Mesa which has graduated 5 classes and has a 90% pass rate on the NCLEX-RN for those 5 classes; one in Albuquerque which has graduated 1 class with a 90% NCLEX-pass rate; and one in Tucson which will graduate its first class in November this year. The classes are small and you get very good teacher support as long as you put in the effort. Good luck where ever you end up.
  13. by   mommabear40
    Well I will be at Apollo this July, Pima was too far and it just seems that I can get my RN a lot faster by going to a Post secondary school. For me it is about the time, I have been in the field for awhile now but never had the chance to go to school for the nursing. well I will see you all there. :-)
  14. by   seanynjboy
    Quote from prayin2pass1day
    personally i did not have a good experience with a "fast track technicial school" i advise you to look at all of your options
    PMIs RN Program is not a fast-track school. It is a 2 year associates degree unlike their 9 month certificate programs