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I am sharing my husband’s story as fair warning to anyone considering attending PMI (Pima Medical Institute) either as a nurse or in any of their other classes. My husband made a mid-life... Read More

  1. by   seanynjboy
    Quote from gconcep
    Thank you so much for your reply! Did you take the Nursing program at PMI? If so, did you graduate already? Do they have a student loan program where I can pay after I graduate?
    Dear GC,

    PMI has a financial aid department that will take care of student loans. I am currently in the RN program at PMI Tucson. IF you have any questions you can e-mail me at seangowers@gmail.com (((I LOVE MY SCHOOL BTW)))
  2. by   fargobride
    Does anyone know if you can go to classes part-time for the nursing program at PMI? I would still like to hold a job while going to school? I can't imagine everyone in the class not having to have a job while in school. I am supposed to attend the information seminar on the 28th of August but there is no sense in doing so if my only option is school 8-4 Mon-Fri. Thank you for your help!
  3. by   CochinoTom
    I'm a Hospice CNA taking my Nursing prereqs at the local CC, Olympic College, who's Nursing program is actually pretty respected, only problem is, unless you have close to a 4.0, you wont get in, it's all by points factoring, so I'm at least taking all my prereqs for Nursing here(Chem131/Intro to O-Chem/BioChem, A&P 214/242, 6 cr each, and Microbiology, so that when I do apply to other Nursing schools(for options), I SHOULD be covered... I'm also trying to find a school who looks at experience. I know grades DO matter, but for someone with experience, but being a 3.0 student, I hate that that means not getting in, when I see people IN the program here who I wouldnt trust with my or any of my family's lives.
  4. by   KristeyK
    Sorry for the VERY late reply here...LOL. Evening classes? I can tell you that on the Tucson campus, that's a NO. Also, don't plan on having a M-F 8-4 schedule. I had clinicals on weekends several times. Especially during the summer months when the hospitals don't have a lot of patients to care for.
    I graduated from the Tucson program in May, and did so with a job offer. I sadly had to turn it down because I IMMEDIATELY moved to Texas, but I will say it is a well respected program. The only RN programs in the state that have better pass and employment rates was ASU. (This was as of August, 2012.) I can tell you I had NO problems with the NCLEX exam. Hindsight being 20/20, I was overprepared thanks to the program requirements.
    I am now a pediatric RN, happily employed here in Texas. YAY! I cannot say enough about this program. Yes, it has its faults, but EVERY school does. At least this one tries to take care of them and shows they care.
  5. by   BDerby
    Hey everyone! I am taking the entrance exam next month for PMI here in Tucson and was wondering if anyone had advice to give? I've been through 3 out of 4 years in a different nursing program and failed a final exam by less than half a point. At this time in my life, I just want to get my RN and will do anything to get it! Including paying the large amount of money this school requires! Thanks in advance!
  6. by   Deenajo
    What a horrible experience this school gave me, and for future students I should have done something about it. My grades were good, my relationships with the teachers were great. Then came my internship.

    i went to southwest cardiovascular. I excelled in every aspect of the job, I was offered a big position at this office for horrible pay but that was ok because it was start in a career and a field I had been apart of for sometime now.

    the management there was sloppy and the office was chaotic, most of the staff was new which should have been a red flag immediately. ---------------- is an older man, we had nothing but a professional relationship, management there loved me and I had no idea what was going on in the background.

    He had a girlfriend who was a drug rep, and apparently felt I was being favored because of my appearance and who knows, maybe he was offering me a job because of it but it was not him I dealt with it was management and I never saw any sign of his interest till the day I was told by management I no longer had a job there.

    That was fine with me, I had a few days left of my internship till graduation, I was not worried about a career there in which I was pursued not the other way around. However I knew something was weird as management said they were going to sign off on my hours as I had spent some extra time there but I knew that time was not logged but for some reason they didn't want me in that office.

    i had no idea why this was happening, management there was uncomfortable telling me anything and at the time probably thought they were doing me a favor. I walked out of there confused and anxious and when I went to Pima to turn in my hours it turned out a woman who said she was management and worked there said I was kicked out of there program.

    this person who called and said that was the girlfriend of ---------------- who didn't work there, management had no idea she said these things. I didn't get to graduate and wasted my time and efforts to be humiliated by an old mans girlfriend over a crush I had no idea existed. I was accused of having sexual relations with this man and literally had no idea this was even happening.

    i text the staff and told them they should be ashamed of themselves as I was a student who did everything right and got kicked out of school for a situation I had no idea about and a jealous girlfriend who didn't even work there.

    ------------------ apologized over and over again, he even got me a job at San tan cardiovascular as a favor to me and when I recognized the drug reps there and shared my story they were not surprised, apparently he has a disgusting reputation along with his girlfriend.

    not only did the school not have the back of one of their students who had done nothing but prove she worked hard and had true passion for this field they threw away the education I had earned there.

    I should I have taken legal action against southwest cardiovascular for letting something like this happen, hopefully the school at the least no longer allows their students to learn there. The school dismissed what I had to say, I learned quickly at this school what a horrible education it gives and lacks good credibility out in the career world but I had paid for something and started something and intended to finish it but it's not worth fighting for, especially when I did not deserve what had happened. But no student deserves an internship like the one I got or the treatment I received after it all.
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