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Anyone have any experience with this school. They called me today about going to an information session. Not sure I want to go spend two hours somewhere for nothing. Like somewhere with a huge... Read More

  1. by   irsbear
    thank you very much...your information definitley put me at ease and congrats on your sucess in the program.
  2. by   mompor3
    I just attended the PMI info session for nursing last week. Current cost is $42k. Scary! They do give you a 50 question test that must be done in 15 minutes. It has basic math and comprehension questions plus you have to take a 25 question math test that is not timed and you do get a calculator. Basic math: percents, algebra, fractions. You wait a week for those results and that determines what program you qualify for. You can retake these tests for better scores if you choose to. If you score high enough they will have you take the HESI exam since your scores on that determine your placement in the class. If you score high on that and you haven't done your prereqs you can do the 3 classes online with PMI for about $2500k, they last about 10 weeks. They have about 15 out of the 30 students already for the Aug '10 class, next class is May '11. The schedule for the classes is Mon thru Fri 8-4 PM. So it will be difficult to hold down a fulltime job with that schedule. I'm still undecided.
  3. by   kf15
    Well if that's your goal then you know what you have to do to prepare, so I wish you well! Personally this type of idiotic testing is just about my biggest pet peeve in modern life- high pressure, rapid fire testing of students in no way, shape or form determines the slightest level of qualifification for a registered nurse.
    I earned a BS Engineering degree several years before I went towards nursing, and had to refresh on the basic math b/c it's the First skill to be forgotten, in spite of doing 5 3 levels of math past calculus 3.
    I guess Pima is more interested in bringing on students who can control their anxiety and blood pressure instead of motivated, intellegent students who can critically think, which is what nursing requires.
  4. by   KristeyK
    I did not get that feeling at all. I got the impression that they want relatively intelligent people who can read and do VERY BASIC Math. They in no way expect anyone to come close to finishing the timed test, and if you cannot pass the Math test they give you in the information session, you have NO business trying to get into school for nursing at this point in your life. (The testing material was 4th grade math or something along those lines.)
    They do expect you to do well on the HESI though, which many other public schools around the nation also want. The reading comprehension tests a person's critical thinking skills.
    As for the August 2010 class, they aren't sending out exceptance letters until June, so there really aren't any "set" names to be admitted as of now. (Although I am hoping that scoring a 96% on the test will give me a LARGE leg up. (I was also told I did VERY well in the interview.)
  5. by   kf15
    Well that feeling came from their rude and dismissive treatment of me as I was awaiting word of my acceptance status as a student. I had literally MOVED out to AZ to switch fields into nursing and was working w/ that school and was awaiting my status, as THEY PROMISED ME, so this was a Pima timeline and they were past it- over the course of an ENTIRE WEEK I had contacted every single intake person then worked up the chain until I had politely and patiently personally left VMs for everyone on staff (noone was ever there!).
    So I drove to Apollo and had a great interview and was basically accepted on the spot due to my high intake performance and proven academic record. So to this day I resent PMI and their rude and unprofessional staff and philosophy of treating incoming students as cattle; keep them waiting until they feel like choosing their favorite one.
    Believe it or not they called like 2 months later saying a spot was open- I enjoyed sharing my feelings w/ them and slamming the phone down!
  6. by   KristeyK
    Yeah I cannot blame you one bit then. Perhaps the fact that I am down here in Tucson makes a difference. I know they get a lot of applicants for the program, but I do not believe it is anywhere NEAR the numbers that they get up in Phoenix. (Which surprises me, because down here we ONLY have three nursing programs to choose from.)
  7. by   kristiel6
    I am currently in this program in Tucson. I joined in the 5th semester as an Lpn. This program for me is very difficult. Schedule is this: Monday 8a-12p labs. Tue 8a-930a then return at 1p and go until 1630 (pain in the ass, since I live so faraway, can't go home) Wed: Clinical 0615-1815 and Thursday 08a-1430. In a couple of weeks this will change, my clinicals will then be on Sundays. You are basically in 6 classes a week and there is tons and tons of reading and homework. I almost dropped it was so stressful with working and children, and my husband in nursing school. But the staff were just wonderful as well as my classmates at getting me to return. There have been at least 3-50 question exams and several quizzes since I joined March 22nd and I have not passed one yet!! I am not the only one with this problem, there are at least 3 others. I have not been in nursing school for 18 years. We had a math test a couple of weeks ago on gtt/ml gtt/min and how they relate to volume and gtt factor only 2 out of 30 passed that. However, I am continuing on and if I fail which right now even though I have failed these tests, my overall is 77% with all the homework we have to turn in, at least I am getting 100% on that. If you don't pass this class, but from what I understand, they will make sure I do..(if I do, the NCLEX will be a breeze, because this cirriculum is way beyond NCLEX)you can take it over at no charge. I do recommend this program, just be prepared for lots and lots of studying. The faculity at the Swan/Broadway campus are absolutely awesome!!! This program for me entering as an Lpn is $17,000.00 well worth it!!
  8. by   kmt2112
    hi there i am actually at pima community college doing my pre req's for nursing.. i went to pmi for an info session, i wanna do the nursing program there but im kinda scared.. i feel like im not smart enough to complete it... im clueless about it all. im your average student.. so i wanna know what i get myself into before i sign my life away/.
  9. by   DawnJ
    Tell me which state has community colleges without a waiting list for the nursing program. And you'd have to pay out of state tuition in that case anyway
  10. by   seanynjboy
    Let me just say I LOVE PIMA MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Unlike other students in my nursing class. I have a personal history with PMI. I worked for them as an evening pharmacy technician instructor in 2008 and it was one of the best jobs I have ever had. PMI is a family-owned company and they treat their employees VERY WELL. They actually care about their employees. Right then I knew I would eventually go farther in PMI. They started their nursing program at the Tucson Campus in 2008.

    In Nov 2010, I took the 2 tests with the admissions dept and then the HESI entrance exam for the nursing school, got accepted, had the prereqs already done (English I, A&P, Psych I is all you need). And I started a few months later. NO WAITING LIST. The cost of attendance is reallllllllllllllly expensive, like $42,000. I look at it this way...The community college in the area when I looked into in 1.5 years ago had a 2-3 year waiting list. I would start at PMI right away, graduate in 2 years. and start to pay down that 42k before I even started at the comm college.

    The class sizes are at a max of 30 per class. You have the same instructors for many of the classes. You really form a bond with your instructors and even though it is cliche to say, They REALLY want you to succeed.

    Just actually found out TODAY that our graduation rate for the nursing school and the NCLEX examinations are among the highest in the state.

    Now for the general nursing school disclaimer for most schools, lol. NURSING SCHOOL IS HARD!!!!! Be prepared to read multiple chapters, have lots of homework, cry often, not have a social life for 2 years, if you do not have to work DON'T. If you have a family/kids, it will be just as hard on them. I personally do not have kids, but know lot of people who have kids and when/are going to nursing school and say it's hard. I have to work 20 hours a week to just pay my bills. I don't have a lot of fun, or not as much as I used to. I am saving that until school is over.

    With all that in mind. I say PMI all the way. And if it is just the MONEY thing that you are scared of. Nurses make pretty good money after they graduate. Loans will go away eventually. Your degree will not.

  11. by   seanynjboy
    <<Oct 17, '11 by kmt2112 hi there i am actually at pima community college doing my pre req's for nursing.. i went to pmi for an info session, i wanna do the nursing program there but im kinda scared.. i feel like im not smart enough to complete it... im clueless about it all. im your average student.. so i wanna know what i get myself into before i sign my life away/.


    Hey, I am in PMI's nursing program in Tucson. If you have any questions about anything feel free to e-mail me at seangowers@gmail.com

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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  12. by   endless7
    Is anyone in the PMI Nursing program able to give stats on what their entrance criteria were? I'm aware of the prereqs and other stuff, just wondering because I got a 95% on the kaplan entrance exam (they're not using the HESI anymore) and was hoping that, combined with a good interview, would secure a spot in the next class.
  13. by   DawnJ
    I'm in first semester now. I got 95% on HESI and had a 3.9 GPA, but there are a lot of people in my class who were high C students and passed HESI with numbers in the 80's.