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Well I finally made it! I have made the long journey from Ohio to AZ! I am getting started in my job and settling down here in Chandler! So far I love it. I agree with the other posts that it is a... Read More

  1. by   GrnHonu99
    Quote from Calzonan
    If you don't mind spending a little $$ for great food, there is a place in downtown Tempe (right off of 7th and Mill) called 'House of Tricks'. It is an old house, converted to a restaraunt. AWESOME food, very romantic!! During the winter they have a big outdoor central fire burning, and the food....let's just say go there hungry and leave room for desert!!! They have the best desert in town!!
    That said, there is so much to do here. If you like hiking you can hike up to the wind caves over by Superstition mountains (can't remember the name right now), you just missed Gilbert Days, where there's a big parade and then rodeos in Gilbert. Chandler has the ostrich festival. Chandler Mall is awesome and they're building a new mall out at S-202 and Greenfield.

    I've heard a lot of good things about St. Joes, congratulations on getting a job there and starting your new career!!! I hope to be in starting my new job this time next year!!
    Graduate Dec '07!!!!

    Thanks!!! I couldnt be happier with my job! thanks for the tips guys this is exactly what I was looking for. Being so busy with work its almost impossible to have time to just go driving around, and when I have I just end up getting overwhelmed with how BIG phoenix really is. LOL im afraid ill end up in the middle of the desert lost if im not careful! Im really interested in hiking up to the caves, where do you think I could get more info on that?? The ostrich festival sounds awesome too

  2. by   Calzonan RN
    Drive out east on 60, exit north on Ellsworth (maybe 10-15 miles past Alma School) to Usery Recreation Area. It's a path through all these houses and right before you get to the mountain that says Phoenix on it, look to the right for the Recreation Area entrance. I think it's $5 per vehicle entrance fee. There should be maps and stuff to all the different trails. There are also Anasazi ruins down south, all sorts of places to hike!! I think there are books at the book stores that show different hiking trails around AZ.