Phoenix New grad Positions.

  1. I graduated from another state at the beginning of October and am having a difficult time getting a job! I passed the NCLEX 11 days ago, got my license, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas for where I could apply!

    I've had 3 interviews, one no response (LTAC that was worried about not being able to train me), Banner (said no), then Mayo (who I won't hear from for 2-3 more weeks).

    Skilled nursing seems to be pretty adamant I need at least 1yr RN experience. I've applied for, no joke, 50 positions within the Abrazo network (they list that experience isn't required). HonorHealth NewGrad said I needed more experience???? Is there anywhere else I should apply?

    I'm not above working as a CNA, but I have two young children I need to cover daycare for, so I really don't think that would work at this time.
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  3. by   rachaelofcourse
    Have you tried Dignity?
  4. by   bex3
    Do you have your BSN or in a program?

    I would check st joes job board every day, all day, to make sure I applied as soon as it was posted. None of them said new grad, but I applied anyways. Most of them were rejected but I did end up getting an interview (but I declined since I took a different offer).

    Have you tried the prisons (corizon) or Maricopa County jail? I applied and interviewed for both. The Jail gave me an offer (but I declined).

    I apllied to every and all Abrazo, even reached out to recruiters. Never heard anything. Except I did apply to a Tucson listing just to see and was called right away.

    Use LinkedIn as a resource, and connect with recruiters. They are usually willing to help and forward your resume to the right people.

    Walkin in and meet the manager, and give them your resume. It's so scary, but that's what I did! Or call them! You need to make the contact with the managers!

    Volunteer! You can at any hospital on pretty much any floor, this will help you meet the managers, and get your name out there. I'd probably recommend doing a medsurg floor, that's where they hire most new grads!

    Good luck! And congrats on passing NCLEX!
  5. by   bex3
    And I'm not sure you can work as a CNA with your RN. This was something I was thinking about awhile ago. That maybe the hospitals would be afraid of a RN working out of their scope as a CNA? I have no idea. I know honor health has PCAs which is the same thing as a CNA I'm guessing.. I'd be interested to know if you can..
  6. by   Jeanie the RN
    I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I graduated in May, moved to AZ in July and finally got hired at my current employer on Oct 31st. It takes time and persistence. You just have to keep applying everywhere. Try Dignity Health and Maricopa Medical Center. I read Abrazo is closing down one of their hospitals. I had no luck with them either and even attended one of their job fairs and was even in contact with one of their recruiters.
    If you really want to get started and are willing to commute, Tucson has a ton of open positions for new grads. Check out Northwest Medical Center, Banner has a new grad program that is currently hiring and also Carondelet hospitals. Good luck!