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  1. Hi Phoenix friends!

    I am considering relocating to the phoenix area and I have both pediatric and adult critical care experience (over 15 yrs).

    Can anyone tell me which are the best paying hospitals in the area? It is hard to get an idea of the pay range from the recruiters until I show up for an interview (understandable).
    I would like to narrow down my interviews to 2 or 3 hospitals so I can spend the rest of my visit out there looking at homes and enjoying the area.

    Benefits are important to me also. Any info would help. I am really homesick for the west!

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    My experience is limited, but I will try to help. As a travel nurse ,hourly rate is hard to compare.
    I was at the Mayo Clinic. My understanding is the Mayo pays less than area facilities and does not treat there nurses as well.
  4. by   GrnHonu99
    Where in phx are you going to live? do you want adults or peds icu? I ask bc St. Joes does not have PICU. If you want PICU you need to look at Banner, PHX Childrens. I hear Mayo and Scottsdale pay well but with 15 years exp all hospitals should be similar. I think st. Joes has the best benefits and year after year is voted oneo f the best places to work in the valley. Id stay away from Abrazzo, Maricopa or St luke. Good luck!
  5. by   boru
    I agree with the above post about St Joe's... it has an excellent reputation for being a great place to work (but may not be the highest paying). Also, they have moved their peds and PICU services to Phx Children's but still have NICU.

    Also, Scottsdale Health Care's facility's have a good reputaion for job satisfaction and I'm pretty sure they now have a PICU also.

    If I had a choice of any facilities to work for (and with your experience you should have a choice), I would work for St. Joe's, Scottsdale (Osborne or Shea), or Maricopa County. They are all very different organizations but all have something good to offer.

    Good Luck!