Nursing schools in Arizona (East Valley)

  1. Hello everyone!
    I have to take a Chem course and I have finally taken all my pre-reqs before I can apply to nursing school. I am a mom of 4 (8-9mo) so it makes things a little tricky.

    I have looked through archives of messages regarding the colleges in my area (Queen Creek) and nothing is very recent. I am wondering if anyone has any help or advice? Has cgcc become a good program? How hard is it to get into any of these schools? Am I really gonna wait 2 years? What was the schedule like? Unfortunately the advisers that I have talked to aren't very much help. I would REALLY appreciate any guidance anyone has!

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  3. by   inspiredRN10

    I am over here in the East Valley too so I understand your frustration. If you do the community college route, then yes there is a minimum (if not more than) 2 year wait. As of this June I have been on the wait list for 1 year. CGC is the only college this far East, then there is MCC in Mesa. There is a scholarship through Mercy Gilbert hospital for CGC, the deadline is the end of the this month so if you want to look into that do it soon! But because I didn't want to wait 2+ years I went ahead and did the pre-reqs for Grand Canyon University. They have opened a campus in the East Valley. I am waiting to see if I got in to start for the fall (I hope!!) But I just figured this would be better for me, because it is closer, there's no wait, and I would get my BSN in 20 months. The downside is it is more expensive. There just isn't as many options over here! I hope I helped!
  4. by   mommyoftwinks
    Is Central Arizona College anywhere near you? I know they have a nursing program. I'm not sure of the waitlist time though.
  5. by   profstdnt
    Thanks for replying so fast!

    I am close to CAC but you have to have your cpn before you can start the nursing blocks. I just want to go straight to nursing if I can. If I can get straight into nursing it would be sooooo much easier. Ya know?

    Inspired...what else can you tell me about the Grand Canyon program? How long is it? What would your schedule be like? How much more expensive?

    Thanks in advance for anymore help! Sorry to pick your brains but I'm on my own doing all this and I feel like I just keep hitting brick walls!
  6. by   inspiredRN10
    There is a few threads about the details of GCU. But the campus in the East Valley is a day program, 4 days a week. Times can be anywhere from 8 to 5. Some days are longer than others. They also have a campus in Scottsdale that's a night and weekend program (like 530 to 930 4 days a week, then clinicals on Saturday). As far as the tuition goes they offer scholarships depending on your gpa. So if you have a strong gpa their tuition matches ASU. $30-40,000 for a BSN. The program is 20 months, and it starts 3 times a year, fall spring and summer.