New to Tucson, best places to work???

  1. Hello Tucson...Sure love it here...

    Was curious to hear the opinions of other experienced nurses (I have over 20 years of experieces) in the area about what is the best hosital to work in. I am looking at TMC, UMC, what are the other good ones?

    Would love to hear real opinions so please do not hold back the negitive comments.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    I hear only good things about UMC. It's a magnet hospital. 4:1 ratios. Of course I'm just a full time student doing my pre-reqs, so this is the extent of my knowledge! I do hear stay away from Kino though. Everyone I talk to says that. Perhaps that is changing with University Physicians taking Kino over?

    edited:I have heard the above from several experienced RNs in Tucson.
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  4. by   kyd007rn
    I work at TMC it's a good place to work but UMC is much better!
    TMc 6:1 UMC 4:1
    in Jan 2006 UMc will be giving $2.00 more pay.
    I think you will learn more at UMC it's a magnet Hosp.
    TMC is more laid back, going through so upper managment changes etc.
  5. by   Town & Country
    If you are considering both of them I would make appointments to shadow at both and at any facility you may consider.