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Hey all, I just applied to NAU for the Fall semester. I figured I'd start this topic in hopes of meeting others who have applied and we can keep each other company while we wait for letters. ... Read More

  1. by   soah
    So no one else has received one yet right? Dang, I'm hoping for
    tomorrow then
  2. by   twss2323
    That wasn't funny at all. I know you we're in our position a couple years ago, I recognize your name from other threads. I don't think you would have appreciated someone doing the same thing to you while you were eagerly waiting. We welcome any current students on here, we'd love to hear your advice, experiences, etc. anything helpful, we all appreciate. However, that was immature and not helpful, so please don't do that kind of stuff.
  3. by   twss2323
    Soah, my parents are still at work, so no one has checked the mail and won't be able to for a couple hours. If I happen to, I'll be sure to et you know.. Ugh, when they say 4-6 weeks, I honestly did not expect it to actually take 6 weeks.
  4. by   soah
    ^lol thanks yeah today after not getting anything I was like "i'll just call them!"
    and my sister was just like "step away from the phone" lol

    Hopefully tomorrow, I'll definitely let you guys know if I get anything!
  5. by   twss2323
    I called and the lady was a little snappy with me. I have a feeling a lot of.people have been calling. But its been over 6 weeks, they've got to expect a little bit of that.
  6. by   beege
    The yuma campus last application period had 20 qualified applicants. They take 10 per semester. And 10 on the wait list. No one from the wait list was accepted. From my original cohort two failed and one transfered to Flag. We received our acceptance letters early april. Use practice questions with rationals to study. Do thousands. Online posts are a big headache especially later in the semester. Take patho before you enter the program and take everything sooner rather than later. Your with the same small group for 2.5 years. Personalities come out of the wood work and ripen as the program moves along. All of the staff are great. Clinical is great. Saunders NCLEX review is great. Test success books are great. When you apply make sure to select a secondary choice. I.E. Tucson and Yuma. All three sites are becoming much more competitive. Good luck to everyone and relax while you can before nursing school. Once you start there isn't much time to breath.
  7. by   soah
    No letter today

    I really want to be a Lumberjack!
  8. by   twss2323
    Literally.... This is KILLING me. Seriously. To the point I'm losing sleep over it. I don't think I got in, but there are a lot of "what ifs" in my life right now and knowing whether or not I got in can answer a lot of them for me. Its like I'm sitting here with my wheels turning and no where to go and its frustrating. The fact that it is taking so long makes me think they had A LOT of applications to go through, which makes it more competitive than it already was :/

    Soah, just curious.... Where did you get "word" that letters went out Friday? I'm assuming its from calling, but I'm just curious. Also, for those of you already in, do you know where they sent the letter? I noticed the application has a "current address" and a "permanent address". The permanent address is my parents house, and current is my own, so now I'm obsessively checking the mail, along with obsessively asking my family to as well haha. It would help to know which one to check.
  9. by   soah
    I was told that the NAU Yuma clinical (director/employee??) would get his list of those accepted to
    the Yuma campus after they sent out the letters. My mom (who works at the same hospital he does)
    was told by him directly that he got the list and they sent out the letters on friday.
  10. by   twss2323
    Dang, I figured you'd call and they told you... I didn't know you had all this inside info haha. I'd say that's a fairly reliable source. I don't see why he'd make something like that up, or would be misinformed. Too bad he can look at his list and be like "Soah (insert actual name ere lol), if I were you I'd stop stressing" or something along the lines of giving you a clue if its there or not haha. Ugh, I'd do just about anything to know.
  11. by   soah
    Haha, I know i'm going nuts just wondering "did I get in or not, am I totally getting my hopes up
    for a rejection letter?"

    I want to know! ahh should I call NAU? probably not lol
  12. by   twss2323
    Haha I know, in the back of my head, I'm expecting a rejection letter, but I've gotten my hopes up now!!! Ugh. The other school I applied for sent out emails with letters attached. I wish NAU did that, it's much quicker. Ughhhhhhhhh.
  13. by   twss2323
    Oh, and don't call. Like I said, I called yesterday and the lady was short with me wasn't very informative. I have a feeling tons of people are calling and it's getting annoying. F we don't hear by Thursday, I give you (and probably myself since we're applying to different campuses) permission to call. Tats fair, right?