NAU BSN spring 2018 - page 5

Hi, everyone! I thought I'd start this thread to connect with anyone applying to the NAU BSN program for the spring 2018 semester. I'm only applying to the Tucson program, but feel free to share your... Read More

  1. by   SoyKayDub
    @miam0, my fingers are crossed for you too!
  2. by   Sabbysabby
    Crossing my fingers for you guys!
  3. by   morgannvb
    Just found this thread. I was accepted to the Flagstaff program as well...I'm sure I'll be meeting you all soon
  4. by   rilslay
    The only thing that we had to turn in by 10/20 is the admissions contract right? And everything else besides the TB test is due on 12/1?
  5. by   SoyKayDub
    @rilslay, that's right.
  6. by   Teacher17
    Congratulations! I will be starting my third semester in Tucson this Spring, it is a wonderful program with incredible instructors. I recommend looking up the Tucson SNA Facebook page- people will often post their old text books or scrubs for sale. A good way to save money
  7. by   jmtravers3
    I just got offered a seat at Tucson!!! I'm so excited!
  8. by   SoyKayDub
    @Congratulations, jmtravers3! I sent you a PM with my info.
  9. by   kjl283
    I got accepted to Tucson and have been looking to get into contact with others that have!! I want to look for a roommate and make friends!!
  10. by   kjl283
    Me too!!!!!
  11. by   kjl283
    If anyone is going to Tucson for Spring 2018, feel free to email me!! I got accepted there and am desperately looking to find a roommate.
  12. by   nls1997
    hey! im looking at these old threads- how did you end up finding a rommate? Im on the attending the tucson campus!