Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2018

  1. Haven't found a thread for 2018, so I thought I would start one. Anyone else apply to the residency at mayo hospital?
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  3. by   azknur
    Hey! I applied to all 3 positions (ED/critical care/Med-surg) and the status is "in review" for each. I received an email saying that my med-surg application was sent to the hiring manager for review. Fingers crossed we hear something about interviews within the next week.
  4. by   Nancy,BSN
    Hey! I applied to the med/surg position. I haven't received any emails about my application but I checked my status and it says application received. From what I've read on previous posts they should start contacting candidates for interviews any day now.
  5. by   azknur
    From the looks of it, they update people's applications and offer interviews over a period of days so hopefully here soon they'll update yours! Have you done any clinicals or anything like that there?
  6. by   Nancy,BSN
    Hopefully! I am glad to have made contact with someone else who has applied, it makes the waiting period a little better! No I have not done any clinicals there, have you?
  7. by   RaelBSN
    I also applied and I received an email saying my application was sent to the hiring manager for review!
  8. by   purplepixie
    I applied for the Med/Surg only but my application status only says "received" still. I know they get lots of applicants and I applied late on the last day the posting was open, so I'm hoping maybe that means they haven't fully processed my application yet.

    A few days later I applied for Mayo Clinic MN positions, too, and they changed to "in review" right away. Strangely enough I got a call from them right as I was typing this post!

    I sounds like the review process varies a lot depending on location and job posting.

    I live on the East coast so I haven't done any clinicals w/ Mayo Clinic.
  9. by   azknur
    Wow that's exciting! Did they offer you an interview? You've gotta let us know how it goes if so ☺️
  10. by   azknur
    Yes it definitely helps with the waiting period which is honestly the worst part for me. I've done a couple of clinicals here including my immersion which I'm currently in. I also did the nurse extern program that they offered during the summer.
  11. by   purplepixie
    Quote from azknur
    Wow that's exciting! Did they offer you an interview? You've gotta let us know how it goes if so ☺️
    Yup, MN offered me an interview on 11/6! I applied for a few jobs with them because their application process is different - you apply for the individual positions and if hired are enrolled in the New Grad program.

    I left a message for the AZ job recruiter last week but haven't heard back (and realistically knew I might not because she probably gets tons of calls from us), so I called HR again today to get a better idea of the application timeline. I spoke w/ someone else in HR and she said it can take 4-6 weeks for them to even finish reviewing all the applications. My plan is to interview w/ MN and if I'm lucky enough to get an offer, ask them how long I have to decide and reach out to AZ again if I haven't heard back.

    I'd be thrilled to work at either location - I've read great things about both, but geographically speaking AZ is my preference.
  12. by   purplepixie
    Azknur - What was your experience w/ the extern program like?
  13. by   Jmlr
    Hi! Thanks for starting this thread, It's great to connect with other applicants! I also applied for the February residency for med/surg and critical care. I did my clinical residency there over the summer in their PCU unit. I have been constantly checking my status but it still says application received.
  14. by   azknur
    @purplepixie It was great! It was a full time 8 week program so I did three 12 hour shifts with a preceptor each week on the floor I was offered. I learned tons and got really comfortable with the dynamics of the unit.