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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps. It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people... Read More

  1. by   skeeterkim
    My time/date stamp is 04/16/2010 and I finally got placed in my third choice and I am starting this summer. I totally understand everyone's frustration and felt like I was never going to be placed. Good luck to everyone and hopefully your wait won't be too much longer
  2. by   Kevin321
    My time stamp is 06/11.2010 8:04:44 AM, and there are 260 applicants ahead of me.
  3. by   misshinz
    Hi ! This message is for Kevin321!
    My timestamp is literally less then a minute after your timestamp! May I ask how you know there are 260 applicants ahead of us?? Is there another forum or website I am missing!? I am SO glad you posted because I thought FOR SURE I would be getting placed for Fall. Thank You! -- Jen
  4. by   Kevin321
    Hi misshinz, the information I provided came directly from the placement department. So, last semester there were about 260 public placement, so out of the 260 ahead of me some will not be placed in a public slot, and some will defer,and some will be partnerships. My guess is out of 260 applicants ahead of me I would probably come in under 200 because of those factors. I believe that 200 out 260 is conservative, so this probably leaves enough room for you. Good Luck.
  5. by   misshinz
    Wow! Thanks Kevin321!
    Okay so i just HAVE to ask..Do you think that there is ANY chance for us this Fall??
    I understand that timestamps go down to the seconds of the minutes of course (so i'm sure i'm a ways behind you)...but with our date do you think placement for Fall is out of the questions and placement for Spring 2013 is more likely?
    I am trying to stay sharp and teach myself things out of nursing books for when that day comes!! I'm just wondering how realistic my idea should probably be
    Thanks, Jen
  6. by   twash10
    Oh I'm sure you'll get in for spring 2013!! Because it seems the first early seconds of 6.2010 got placed for this fall so I;m sure the rest of 6/10 will get placed for spring. I have an 8/10 stamp and I'm worried and nervous that I won't get placed for spring! This is taking so long and I'm starting to get really impatient!
  7. by   CinDRnyc
    Quote from hurrlybaby
    you are right, i should have gone there, but now i am so closed to get in that i am scared to try something else. i have a child that needed me until now. but in the fall he will go to kindergarten, so i will be able to continue my education. i guess everything is for a reason. however i am taking my cna license right now.
    i mean you can still try to get in asu as a "backup" plan. i went to a cep info session last week and they said that although they are still keeping the adn program around, more and more spots will be given to cep applicants because they are really encouraging nurses to have bsn degrees. they mentioned something about hospitals and "magnet" status. gl with everything and whichever path you take i hope you can start soon. i know waiting is so hard!!!
  8. by   Kevin321
    . the theory that every second is equivalent to one time stamp, so farseems be proving correct. i know before they placed for fall i would be number284 for 06/11- based on that theory. after the fall placement and mesa late start i foundout i was at 260, so 24 placements for fall seems about right. i don’t thinkyou have any chance of getting in this fall, however i think you’ll start inthe spring-providing your open in your selections
  9. by   akadimkz
    My timestamp was 6/11/10 8:00:39 and I chose the late start Mesa program when it became available. I start in September. The commute will be challenging but its well worth it. I was placed April 15th. Good luck to all!!!
  10. by   hurrlybaby
    I got in Phoenix College Nursing Program.
  11. by   twash10
    Yay congrats! The fact that June stamps are getting placed gives me hope that I'll get placed for January. I have a 8/1o stamp at like 8:03. I'm crossing my fingers like crazy. I really really dont wanna have to wait till next August to start.
  12. by   crackers1
    My time stamp is 10-08-10 at 8:04am. Just wanted to see how the process is moving along.
  13. by   misshinz
    Date/Time Stamp: 06/11/2010
    Hey Guys!
    So things are looking pretty good! I received a letter today letting me know that they have opened an additional thirty seats for fall ! You never know-- we just might have a chance! We will know next Tuesday!
    I wish more students knew of this forum so we could get more comments in here! Best of luck to all of you!