maricopa skills center advice?

  1. So i just got accepted into their nursing program . Can anyone give me a heads up of what to expect or what is waiting for me? any advice or word of encouragement? anything to watch out for? and any personal experiences?
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  3. by   RN2b23
    Congratulations! I don't have any advice, sorry. I'm on the list. But I thought I'd give you a HI 5!
  4. by   Luvaddison
    Im starting on the 25th! Is that same class as you? Orientation scared me a little but a year will hopefully go by quickly!
  5. by   PrayeRNurse
    I am a graduate from MCSC. Like all programs it is filled with good, as well as bad things. I started with an awsome team of insturtors. Then they changed and there are few words I would say to describe them. . I can only tell you this. All programs have issues. Focus on the posative, Learn the material, even if you have to self teach. Help your classmates. You are learning the importance of documenting in patient care, Practice it in the class room. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!! When class is cancled, when no insturtors show up, when they say they will not teach you, when they belittle you or violate your HIPA rights, DOCUMENT IT. Time, date, place, who said what, or the incident and who else was there. Just write it out on the side of your notes or in the back of your notebook. It could serve you well later. Most of my class wishes we had documented rather then being intimidated by the insturtors. You would have it better if we had. Sorry.

    Bottom line.. you can do it, you can learn, you can graduate and go on to become awsome LPN's and RN's at MCSC! From a MCSC Grad.