Internships in Arizona?

  1. Does anyone know of any internships, at any of the hospitals in Arizona, that are offered in the summers? I'm in a RN BNS program.

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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    In which city?
  4. by   WannaBCRNA
    It doesn't matter, any area. I am most fimilar with the Tempe area, however.
  5. by   AZ Nurse
    Start calling hospital HR departments. Scottsdale HEalthcare has a summer extern program. I think Good Sam & St Jo does also.
  6. by   Calzonan RN
    Most of the hospitals have an extern program, but it's not specifically for the summer. They want you to work there during the school year as well, at a minimum of one day a pay period. CHW has a one for one service agreement. For every month you extern there, you owe them a month back. The good thing about CHW is you can extern there full-time in the summer. Banner has an extern program too, you don't owe them any time afterwards, but you're only allowed to work a maximum of one shift a pay period, even during the summer.
  7. by   AZ Nurse
    the one at Scottsdale used to run 11 weeks in the summer. you would work the same schedule as the RN who precepts you. You can work only part time but they encourage full time if possible for this 11 weeks. you are "out of the count" so it is a learning experience as opposed to a work experience. Then after the summer program is over you are often able to sign on as an extern to work on the unit where you were during the summer. At this point you are factored into the count for patient care purposes. How much you work would depend on your needs/time frames. You don't owe the facility anything after it is over. Most that I have spoken with say it gave them a great time to sharpen skills, learn to organize as well as being a realistic exposure to practice. Wherever you go ask questions about what it will mean for you as a learning experience. Good luck.