HELP! Live in Surprise area and looking for facilities willing to train CNAS!

  1. Hello all, I have looked at this site for some time but haven't really posted before. I am currently unemployed and just started attending Glendale Community College for there nursing program. I still have quite a ways to go and am wondering if anyone knows of facilities in the west valley that are willing to train and certify CNAs? Since I don't have a job right now I can't afford classes and am really looking to get into the Nursing field as quickly as I can for experience and because I just plain need a job.
    If anyone knows of any places I could contact please let me know

    Thank you
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  3. by   tk88
    I don't know if you're going to get hired without being a cna already.... Most of the hospitals on the west side aren't afraid to train new CNAs but they won't certify you. ...
  4. by   fromtheseaRN
    not all hospitals require you to be certified. some of the banners on the west side hire nursing assistants and patient care techs who are not certified. however, they are usually in nursing school already or have hospital experience. i would look for a job as patient transport or along the same lines.
  5. by   PhxButterfly
    you can check on the Az State Board of Nursing website

    & download this list of programs with their phone numbers to call if any are close to you....
    CNA Approved Programs List

    Also, since you are unemployed have you applied for financial aid (pell grant)?
    And you might want to check out these resources for unemployed training.

    Maricopa county workforce

    If you are willing to jump through a couple of months of workshops and paperwork and testing, they have funding to help with non-degree career classes such as CNA & LPN.

    This is a nice website for cost comparisons of those willing to share it:

    Oh, and this facility
    Life Care Center at South Mountain
    8008 South Jesse Owens Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85042 Phone: (602) 243-2780

    had an ad in Craigslist last May about hosting a CNA training. Maybe they will have another one?

    Hope this helps!!!