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  1. First and foremost thank you for reading this. At the age of 37, Im new to the college world and it scares the crap out of me! I definitely need guidance and or advice on how to proceed.
    I'm looking at a private college here in Arizona. It's nationally accredited and CCNE, being one of the only bsn programs that's accelerated. My concern is it's nationaly accredited and not regional. I can't seem to find any reviews on line about the school or it's program in Arizona. I have found info on the school in Las Vegas. Has anyone ever heard of Arizona College Mesa or attended specifically for the bsn program? This is not central az college the community school.
    What experiences does anyone have with private nursing schools and nationally accredited schools. I understand I will only be able to advance educationally with a national accredited university.
    I also want to make sure I'm not going to have any issues with preliminary employment, opportunity or anything else if I attend a private accelerated program in lieu of a community or university college.
    Any input from hospital recruitmentment personnel would be appreciated as well. Whether or not private schooling, and national versus regional accreditation will affect hiring someone like me in lieu of someone with regional accreditation's.
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  3. by   2BRN1998
    I will start off by saying I have not attended this college. But, my personal advice is to look at other options. I have read many threads on this site from people who work in hospital settings who will not hire Carrington College graduates, which is another nationally accredited for-profit school. Maricopa community colleges have the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state, and they cost a fraction of what Arizona College would cost. It seems convenient now but when you factor in paying the student loans, it is a complete disaster. A lot of people in general tend to judge people from for-profit programs, regardless of whether or not it is warranted. It's not worth the risk, in my opinion, of paying so much money for these programs to end up jobless. There are a lot of "non-traditional" students in the Maricopa programs and the wait is worth it for quality and price. Nothing worth having comes easy, as the saying goes. I graduated high school last year and already only have 2 more classes before I can turn in my CEP application, so it won't take as long as you think. Have patience and good luck!
  4. by   Brambi24
    Thanks for your input! Mesa community is still
    an option with the 1.5 year wait. Brown mackie college Phoenix is another for profit school nationally accredited but students seem to be hired as soon as boards are passed. That's why I'm so confused about how the private schools with national accreditation's work.
  5. by   himiko248
    I would not go to Brown Mackie, from what I understand they got in trouble with the nursing board and no longer have a nursing program. The Maricopa Community Colleges have a CEP program, where you get your BSN with your ASN. There is no wait if you get in, you might want to check that out.
  6. by   Mcubed88
    I have attended Arizona College before for my Medical Assisting Diploma I was very weary with all the trade schools that I have seen start up and then just be gone with students left with nothing. I am now a current student in the BSN program as I did meet with advisors and looked at GCU and also community colleges and Arizona College was the only one that would let me work while attending school it is Nationally Accredited and currently is in transition of getting a seperate location just for Nursing. I would say call up and chat with an advisor and see for yourself of how they are set up.
  7. by   Brambi24
    Thanks or the response! I already met with the advisor, took a tour etc. what year are you in? No concerns etc.. I'm still debating on this school but indef want to get as much info as possible. The only other issue I the really high tuition compared to other schools. Any onfo would be great!
  8. by   NarrowBoat
    I would not recommend any schools in AZ other than the Maricopa County colleges and the state universities. To be blunt, Brown Mackie has a horrible reputation, as do other for-profit schools. Attending a local community college looks much, much better.

    The waitlist goes quickly. The cost of the private, for-profit schools is not worth starting a little earlier. You will have to pay back the debts you take, and all for a sub-standard education, as least as far as reputation goes. The community colleges here are respectable, inexpensive, and have pathways to the BSN with several good universities. For-profit schools prey on vulnerable populations. I'd recommend you go through the math. Look at the tuition for Maricopa County schools and Arizona College, which I haven't heard of. How long would you have to work to pay the private tuition? How does that compare to being on the waitlist, working in the meantime, and paying a fraction of the tuition for a better nursing program?

    For what it's worth, I have worked while going to a Maricopa County school.
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  9. by   Chazzie_Made_It
    Quote from Brambi24
    Thanks or the response! I already met with the advisor, took a tour etc. what year are you in? No concerns etc.. I'm still debating on this school but indef want to get as much info as possible. The only other issue I the really high tuition compared to other schools. Any onfo would be great!
    I have never attended Arizona college, and I second the others recommendation and suggest the Maricopa community colleges. Avoid the for profit schools. I worked throughout the accelerated program at Gateway. I paid for everything out of pocket and left without any student loans.

    The amount that for profits charge is insane! You will be doing some much of your RN wage paying it back. I took me 3 years to do my pre-read and I only waited 1 semester before I got my start date. Some people do pre-reqs in 1-1.5 years. I took them slow. I was an older student as well, I started when I was 34. Now I have a great job, good pay, and don't have to worry about how much I owe to student loans.

    Again, the community colleges and state Universities are more reputable. Buttt it's ultimately your choice.