glendale community college

  1. hey i applied as provisional last october and still havent heard anything back from GCC. i passed all my pre reqs and was wondering if anyone else whom was provisonal until grades posted last december has heard anything.... if you have please let me left in the blue....
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  3. by   Calzonan RN
    Were you ever taken out of provisional status? You can check and see. If you weren't that might be why you didn't get placed. If you only picked one school you may not have been placed, plus the wait is getting longer and longer.
    I'd definitely start with seeing if you ever got changed from provisional status. Schools have a way of not updating your info...
    GCC class of Dec '07
  4. by   Nurmom86
    when did u apply? i am eligible, not provisional anymore....when did u apply?
  5. by   Calzonan RN
    I'm already in the program at GCC, I graduate in December.
    Did you only have GCC down as a choice? The more choices you put down the better chance you have of getting placed. I know there's a long wait now, hopefully something will open up before Fall schedule begins, they keep placing people every Tuesday until school starts.
    Good luck!!
  6. by   peeesh
    i applied in june and i just got placed... during this placement...and not all the june people were placed... so you prob have another semester wait..
  7. by   mmelrose
    i also applied last summer, july of 2006, and i just was placed a few weeks ago. i'm guessing it's a 2 to 3 semester wait.
  8. by   canyongirl
    I applied last October before the open enrollment and have not heard anything from GCC. Hopefully you will hear from them when they place the next semester.