Glendale CC traditional Fall 2012

  1. My time stamp was 2/10 8:07The weekend program was my first choice and traditional my second. I got placed first round. I just registered for my classes and clinical Experience!! I'm nervous and excited! Anyone else get placed at GCC?
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  3. by   BSN_BOUND
    Yes! I was placed in the Weekend Day program. Nervous and VERY excited! I've been waiting 2 years for this! Congrats to you! And good luck!!!
  4. by   BSN_BOUND
    Almost date and time was 2/10 around 8 am. You must have just missed it.
  5. by   jchw81
    Hi,I have a question. I see that people are talking about time stamp, what exactly does that mean. I just applied to GCC nursing program and received a letter to take the teas v so i'm taking it on the 10th. What i am expecting is that i get placed into a lottery and if my name is drawn then it's for the upcoming fall semester. Am i wrong? Does this process only put you on a wait list? Any info would be great, thanks.
  6. by   johnnyarei
    Congrats to everyone who was placed!
  7. by   jhunold
    @jchw81: Are you sure you mean GCC (Glendale Community College)? GCC requires the HESI, not the TEAS, and typically your application will not be accepted by any CC in the Maricopa County District unless you have completed all requirements, including admission test. The fact that you got a letter instructing you to take the TEAS would indicate that you applied to some other program. Perhaps you are referring to Grand Canyon U?

    At any rate, timestamp is referring to those applicants on the Maricopa County Community College District Nursing program wait list. The time stamp determines when you get placed, as openings arise.
  8. by   Louie1234
    Can anyone who got into Sprng 2013 let me know what time stamp they have?