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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :)... Read More

  1. by   Sarah J
    Thats awesome! I can't wait to meet everyone. I hope that I'm not the youngest one in the program... I waited to apply to NAU until I found out so I just barely applied this week and I think it takes a little bit of time to be admitted. As soon as I am admitted I plan on signing up for NUR330 right away!
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  2. by   coolblue2
    The youngest? oh geeze, I hope I'm not the oldest!! Ha!
    I enrolled in NAU as soon as they announced the program, got my fin aid and everything set up. I didn't want anything holding up my application. The admission process went very quickly, it took them about a week to receive my transcripts, but it was not during a busy enrollment session as we are in now. Stay on top of them!
    Have you contacted one of the extended campus nursing advisers? I emailed Stephanie Sinner and received a response right away.
  3. by   ringthebell
    I got into the Spring cohort!! I just found out this week I am finishing up 6 co-req credits this semester so I was on an alternate list.. I am very excited! Anyone else going to GCC?
  4. by   Gabbymonkey
    I was also accepted into the spring group and will be going to Gateway... I made it in with a 3.0 and didn't think that I was going to get in but I did I had all the pre-requisites done before I even applied because I was planning on getting my BN anyway and wanted to get some of the classes out of the way beforehand. Congrats everyone... See you on Sept 29th.
    Also to those who are already taking the first NAU course how is it going? Any words of wisdom for those of use awaiting our first class.
  5. by   hope_full
    I was wondering if anyone is actually registered for NUR 330 yet? I was accepted into the CEP at GCC and I had already applied and have been accepted into NAU, but when I check LOUIE I am still not registered for NUR 330. I sent ---- an email when I received my acceptance email into the program and she said that they were going to enroll everyone at once, but I am still not enrolled. The class schedule does show that 30 of the 80 spots are taken at the north valley extended campus. Has anyone bought their books yet?
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  6. by   Gabbymonkey
    I just received an email from the Maricopa nursing program saying that I was officially accepted on 09/13/2011.. I went to the nursing webpage and it said I had been placed... finally... There is a letter you have to sign and mail in or fax but the letter will be mailed to everyone as well. I think that after this letter is signed and sent in they will enroll us in the NUR330 class... Today I have to go to GWCC and get my cohort agreement signed to receive financial aid and then somehow get NAU to sign it but I'm not sure how that will work since I have never been to the north Phoenix NAU campus. I'm sure it will work out I still have time to get my ducks in a row.
  7. by   dgva81
    Gabby you will only be able to do financial aid at 1 school at a time. I'm going to GWCC in January and applying there. Any left over financial aid, i will use that to pay for the NAU class. That's what I'm doing this semester. I'm taking a class at Phoenix College (a just for fun class lol) and using left over aid to pay for nur330.
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  8. by   Gabbymonkey
    That sounds a lot easier, they told me my financial aid had to go through my parent school which would be NAU... I was told to fill out a consortium agreement and have both schools sign it as soon as I was enrolled in classes at GWCC this spring. So I have to pay for NUR330 and wait untill January to pay for my other classes. I don't understand why NAU is the parent school when we take more credits through GWCC... Also I would like to know how to get my consortium agreement signed at NAU? Has anyone done this yet and did you go to the North Phoenix NAU campus to do it???
  9. by   BSN-Path
    Does anyone know when the deadline for Fall 2012 application will be?
  10. by   stephaniedennison
    I do not know when the application is due for Fall 2012 but I am also hoping to apply for fall start! I don't know where to find the information online if anyone else knows I would reallllyyy appreciate it!! I'm new to the area and could use all the help I can get
  11. by   kamsmom
    A few people I know went to a recent information session said Feb 7th was the deadline. BUT keep in mind, you can only apply if you follow their specific steps. 1- be on the maricopa nursing program waitlist. 2- only those on the waitlist can see and register for information sessions. (They fill up fast) 3-you have to then go to a specific advisement transcript evaluation session so you can apply. It is a competitive process for the concurrent program bases on gpa and hesi a2 scores so it is different than the normal process. I'm in the first group and I am loving it! Good luck!
  12. by   BSN-Path
    Yes Kamsmom is right. I did go to the information session and the dead line is in Feb. for Fall 2012 for NAU I do not know when ASU dead line is they will start there pilot CEP program this coming Fall of 2012 and they will have their very first information session at MCC in Oct. so keep an eye open for ASU and you do not need as many classes for it as you would for NAU and Phoenix University and Grand Canyon University also want to start the CEP program SOON so pick the school you like the best and take their classes to get in. Things are changing fast Good Luck to all!!!
  13. by   BSN-Path
    Just a heads up for those of you who do not know that ASU CEP with MCCC will start Fall 2012 at MCC at both of their locations. Go to the info session I think one is on Oct. 20th in Mesa and the other is on Oct. 24th. at Boswell (Sun City) Don't wait there are not many seats left!!!