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I'm in the RN program at Gateway now, and just started block 3. I am an advanced placement student. Does anyone have any tips for block 3 and how to pass? I feel a little discouraged because there... Read More

  1. by   Assess&Safety1st
    For the advanced placement students, how long was the wait to get into block 3?
  2. by   AZMOMO2
    I applied in March 2012 and was offered a spot right away into the May Accelerated opening at two of my choices.

    Because you can choose more than one location when applying usually there is not a wait. I have only heard people waiting 1 semester if there was one. The sooner you get your application in the sooner you get on the list.
  3. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Wow thank you good to hear that! I will apply after I take HESI A2 this month and HESI PN next month. What material did you review for HESI PN? I'm have books for HESI A2 already which I'm studying .... please let me know and thank you.
  4. by   miteacher
    I did really well on the Hesi PN, and i used the red and white Hesi PN book and the Saunders NCLEX book. Just continue to do questions each day, and read the Hesi pn book. Good luck!
  5. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Thank you. OK I'll look for hesi book. I have Saunders books.
  6. by   thejester
    Hello miteacher I just finished the LPN program at Gateway and start block 3 there in the fall. Do you have any recommendations/suggestions on how to study etc? Any information would be great. Thanks.

    Also, has anyone done the RN to BSN program at ASU? Do you have to have a high GPA to get in for the online program?
  7. by   AZMOMO2
    RN to BSN does not have a GPA requirement. If you complete the ADN program at the Community College level, sign up for the RN to BSN MAPP and you are guaranteed a spot at ASU.
  8. by   thejester
    Anyone have any advice for me going into block three as an advanced placement? Also, is block three peds and ob or psych?
  9. by   thedewey
    Hi [COLOR=#003366]miteacher,

    I am currently in block 3 at GWCC and will graduate this coming may. How was the job hunt for you after you graduated?? I am mostly interested in OB or peds but would take anything I could get as a new grad for experience. I know hospitals really like Gateway students, especially since we have a 99% NCLEX pass rate. Just wondered what your experiance was as a new grad. Thanks!
  10. by   Elice
    Dumb question... how long is a block at gateway community?
  11. by   AZMOMO2
    1 semester each Block. Semester is 4 monthsish. Unless you do the accelerated and then then are 8 weeks or so. If I remember correctly. It's been awhile now.
  12. by   Efren
    Hello LashandaJones, if I remember correctly you can get on the wait list after finishing your pre-requisites and complete your co-requisites while you wait for a spot to open up. The wait for me was 2 semesters or 1 year after submitting my application (December 20th 2015). Depending on how any classes you can take per semester you can most likely finish your pre-req's in 1 year or less.