Gateway ??

  1. I was wondering who goes to school there. I am in my last semester of pre-reqs and am hoping to get into the program in the fall. Just wondering how it is.
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  3. by   RNfaster
    I am curious about folks' opinions on Gateway, too. I understand that Abrazo will pay for their workers to attend Gateway.

    Per the Arizona Nursing Board, Gateway had 144 candidates attempt the NCLEX for the first time in 2005. Of those 144, 132 passed on the first attempt, while 12 failed for a 92% pass rate.

    MCC-Boswell**51 passed; 3 failed = 94%
    Gateway***132 passed; 12 failed = 92%
    Glendale**** 83 passed; 14 failed = 86%
    Mesa*******111 passed; 7 failed = 94%
    ParadiseValley**3 passed; 0 failed = 100%
    Phoenix Coll**76 passed; 14 failed = 84%
    Rio Salado****15 passed; 1 failed = 94%
    Scottsdale****73 passed; 5 failed = 94%
    MCCDNP TOTAL 544 passed; 56 failed = 91%

    ASU*******163 passed; 33 failed = 83%
    GrandCanyonU*41 passed; 7 failed = 85%
    U of Phx*****22 passed; 23 failed = 49%
    AZ Western***27 passed; 3 failed = 90%
    Central AZ****18 passed; 0 failed = 100%
    Cochise******28 passed; 5 failed = 85%
    Coconino*****16 passed; 4 failed = 80%
    Eastern AZ****21 passed; 3 failed = 88%
    Mohave CC***59 passed; 15 failed = 80%
    NAU*********29 passed; 5 failed = 85%
    NorthlandPioneer*23 passed; 5 failed = 82%
    Pima CC West*144 passed; 22 failed = 87%
    U of A*******144 passed; 7 failed = 95%
    Yavapai******48 passed; 0 failed = 100%
  4. by   AZmom
    Whoa! I had no idea Gateway had that large of a program. They're bigger than Mesa CC?

    Thanks for the stats sonoran. Where did you find them? I'd looked over their site many times looking for the individual breakdown of MCCCD schools and never could find anything.

    I too am now interested in Gateway's programs. Specifically their P/T program.
  5. by   RNfaster
    AZmom - I requested them from the Arizona Nursing Board... If you learn more about Gateway (and other programs, as well), I am interested...
  6. by   AZmom
    Regarding Gateway's FastTrack LPN program......

    Their next start date is Spring 2008. Applications are available starting July 1, 2007. You must have all your prereqs completed prior to applying. Prereqs are: HCC130 (3), HCC145AA (1), and CNA license. Plus the usual official transcripts, NET test, titers, shots, physical eval, and whatnot. Seats are filled on a first come, first served basis.

    This track is being offerred as traditional, as well as part-time evening/Saturday. I didn't think to ask how many seats they have available.


    I'm undecided as to whether I can get the needed prereqs done by July 1st. The first two are easy enough; I can take them through Rio. But the CNA I'd have to take accelerated somewhere else. And though we could probably now scrape together the funds for me to do that, childcare may be a sticky issue for me.

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