Fall 2013 Nursing Program @ Scottsdale Community College

  1. Just got placed for Fall 2013 @ Scottsdale Community College. Wanted to start a thread for other SCC placements to chat.
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    where is located?.
  4. by   loriatallnurses
    E Chapparel and the 101 freeway in Phoenix, Az
  5. by   AndeeRN2b
    Hi, and congrats! I was also selected FINALLY. Any ideas what block one's schedule might be like?
  6. by   loriatallnurses
    AndeeRN - I have no idea what the schedule for block one will be like. Hopefully someone will post soon and share with us.
  7. by   toppermost
    Hi Lori. I am starting in the Fall as well!
  8. by   loriatallnurses
    Here is a link to the Student Handbook. http://nursing.maricopa.edu/pdfdocs/...t_Handbook.pdf on page 7 it outlines the program. As far as what the tentative schedule looks like; test are on various Monday's, class on Tues 8-1230 & Thur 8-245. 3 Fri 8-5 Lab Only, and Clinicals are 2 sections on Wed (9/18-11/20) and 3 sections on Fri (9/20-11/22). This is the traditional schedule. There is also a SHC partnership/NAU CEP schedule. All of this comes in your Information packet.
  9. by   InspiredByCallen
    For those who were accepted: what was the time stamp on your application?
  10. by   AndeeRN2b
    Quote from InspiredByCallen
    For those who were accepted: what was the time stamp on your application?
    Dec 10, 2010
  11. by   InspiredByCallen
    Ugh... I hope I don't have another year of waiting! My time stamp is Oct. 2011.
  12. by   toppermost
    Oct 2010.
  13. by   loriatallnurses
    Dec 2010 time stamp
  14. by   BethButkiewicz
    Woo Hoo! Just got accepted as a late placement into the SCC 2013 Fall program. If anyone else in the program wants to meet for lunch/coffee before we dive into the program please respond and I'll set something up depending on how many are interested! See ya'll soon!