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  1. Is anyone familiar with CNA training @ SEVEN Healthcare Academy/Tempe or Emmanuel School of Nursing (Phoenix)? I've narrowed my search down to those two sources and am looking for feedback/recommendations.

    THanks Much!
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    Using the list from the AZ Nursing Board, I called a plethora of CNA training facilities in my area (west side of Phoenix, Phoenix, and Scottsdale), and only found a few that answered their phones directly. I still haven't heard back from some. I get the impression that the demand for CNA training is severely reduced now that the Maricopa Community Colleges have removed it as a requirement for nursing. It seems to me that some of the folks teaching these classes might be doing so on the side, and that is why I haven't been able to get them directly on the phone.

    Two facilities that I called had staff that spoke to me right away: Emmanuel School of Nursing in Phoenix, and Shanti in Phoenix. I also received a call back from Medical Services Company in Scottsdale.

    Emmanuel School of Nursing offers many class options (google them - they have a Web site). They also enable students to complete their studies in the shortest amount of time: three weeks. The cost is about $1500. I was very impressed with the knowledgeability of the folks there.

    Shanti costs about $1000 (they offer the program free to those whose income level qualifies them). In contrast to Emmanuel and Medical Services company where students will work with geriatrics, Shanti works with HIV/AIDS patients. I have heard of Shanti from when I worked as a journalist in Los Angeles. The folks there were knowledgeable and very communicative. I was very impressed.

    Medical Services Company is run by a nurse educator. She offers classes on evenings and weekends--totaling about 6.5 weeks) about five times a year. Clinicals are at a long-term nursing facility near Shea and the 101 in Scottsdale. Her tuition is only $750.

    I think all of the above programs are good programs. I am leaning toward the Emmanuel program as I can complete it so rapidly.

    I would be interested in hearing what school you decide upon and why. Also interested in comments from others in the forum.
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    UPDATE: Folks, I am sad to report that I am a bit disappointed in my class at Emmanuel. In the first week we were booked for four days of classroom training. Here's how it went:

    MONDAY: LPN taught (reads to us from the book about 80% of time) us from 8a to 12p; 1 hour lunch; RN (owner) taught for 3 hours; released 1 hour early.

    TUESDAY: LPN taught us from 8a to 12p (read from book for 80% of time); 30m lunch; watched (no instructor present before or after) a 20- to 30-minute movie on the thankless but noble job of nursing by Johnson & Johnson, and then a Hollywood movie called "Dying Young," featuring Julia Roberts. (The students manage the TV/DVD/VCR player.) Released a couple hours early.

    WEDNESDAY: LPN taught from 8a to 12p (read from book for much of time and showed us how to wash our hands); 30m lunch; watched (again, as usual, no instructor present before or after movies) a short PATIENT-focused orientation on how to manage their catheter bags, then watched "A Beautiful Mind," starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connolly. Many of the students in the class had no idea what schizophrenia was. Released a couple hours early.

    THURSDAY: LPN taught us from 8a to 12p (as per usual - read from book for much of time); 45m lunch; watched "Philadelphia" starring Tom Hanks. No orientation or after discussion on these movies. Several folks in my class were very confused. Some of us explained some of the issues to them --attempting to make them somewhat relevant to our training. Released a couple hours early.

    Next week should be better. We have CPR training with an outside instructor on Monday. We also start our clinicals offsite on Friday.

    I have found that the LPN has some good real-world experience, but she seems to be very weak related to microbiology and physiology. I have recently taken these classes and was surprised at what I perceived to be significant gaps in her ability to answer certain questions (that I thought were simple) and also disturbed, particularly in one case where she transmitted incorrect information related to how microbes evolve to become superbugs --she actually indicated that she thought the body got tired of seeing the same microbe time after time and eventually needed a different drug to help it fight the same microbe. She didn't seem to understand that the microbes actually evolve and change, e.g., in response to inadequate antibiotic treatment, antibiotic abuse, etc. That surprised the heck out of me. Also concerned me as she was expressing that info to the class.

    Now in retrospect, I understand why the teacher of the class in Scottsdale mentioned above (Medical Services) emphasized that she, herself taught the classes, and that she was a working RN. Her classes were almost half what Emmanuel's cost. In retrospect, I think I would try attending with her.
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    oh, one other thing... The Medical Services Program does not include CPR. --I know Emmanuel does include that. As I made the calls, I began to realize that it was important to ask about what precisely was included in the program.

    Another interesting thing I learned was the independent programs didn't require all the vaccines that the Maricopa Community Colleges did. (While I am going to attend an independent program, I'm still going to go for all the vaccines.)

    Shanti quoted me an impressive pass rate for their students. The other facilities did not have that data to offer, nor did they indicate that I would be able to get it in the future. I am thinking of contacting the AZ nursing board to see if they can tell me.
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    RMBnAZ - I received your p-message. But I am replying here as I don't thing I can p-m you back unless I become a paying member. (Still on the fence about that.) I have decided upon Emmanuel because of how quickly I may complete their program. I also liked Shanti, but it would take me twice as long there.
  6. by   Seven, RN2b
    Sonoran -

    Have you decided on a class date?
  7. by   RNfaster
    RMBnAZ - I start Feb. 5, so it looks like I will start after you. I have been very impressed with how helpful Beverly (from Emmanuel) has been. I am looking forward to the start and rapid completion. - Good luck to you!
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    Sonoran -

    Excellent! Best wishes to you also!
  9. by   AZmom
    Thanks for the update, Sonoran. I must have missed it the first time around. I might try to shop around CNA programs tomorrow.