Chandler Gilbert nursing students please help!!

  1. Can any CG nursing student please tell me about your program! I would really appreciate any insight you can provide. Feel free to send me a private message if you prefer.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help!
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  3. by   SN12
    Sorry, it took a while before someone from CGCC replied, perhaps it's because the students there are too busy doing their homework, and stressing out studying on their exams.

    Anyways, I just finished my Block III at Chandler Gilbert Community College and I will never ever recommend this school to anyone! I am actually in the process of looking for other school right now, it is very stressfull since most nursing schools are full. On our Block II there, 12 or more good students failed, and same thing happened with our Block III - only two passed on our third exam and the class average was at 61%. The instructors don't really care whether you fail or not, they are not willing to help you, plus their lectures, reading assignments, books etc. does not really help with the exam, their tests are very advanced (Block III). If that many students are failing, there's gotta be something wrong. In addition, if you ask other school, like MCC or Gateway, they are always full with their Block III and IV but if you ask CGCC, there are always many spots available for Block III and IV... "no wonder why!"
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  4. by   SN12
    By the way, those students who go through Banner Nursing Program at Chandler Gilbert Community College all passed their Block II. Three of my classmates who failed our Block II transferred to the Banner Program at CGCC and they all passed, they told me it was a lot easier and none of them failed so I am not sure if it has something to do with the contract or what? Just in case you don't know, when you go through Banner you will have to work with them for certain years within 30 days after your graduation which is not bad depending on your preference.
  5. by   Pkkostura
    I argree with the post above, run and run fast from this school. Wait to get in somewhere else or you will be sorry. They will fail you and your class will drop like flys after each semester. After block 2 and 3 for sure, and there not lieing about the failure rate, since I just failed block 3. The test were unfair and didnt follow well with our learning. They were way to advanced for our level, and shows with the class test average only being a 78%. And a 76% is needed and thats with a few people somehow only missing 2 points on the final. So the people who did pass basiclly just got lucky. There just out to fail people and its unfair. So run and run fast to mcc or somewere else, while you still can.
  6. by   SN12
    Yes, one of my classmates told me the she got lucky passing the test in CGCC (Block III), she was just guessing, there was no knowledge there she mentioned, (I bet! because the majority of the questions were not taught in class). In addition, many of the students who passed Block III barely made it and some even got exactly 76%, while there were students who failed by 1 point (Block II & III) or even by 0.5 (Block II) no mercy there. I regret that I got in to Chandler Gilbert Community College, I wish I got in to MCC in the beginning .
  7. by   tobimikal
    WOW!! I was planning on listing cgcc as my first choice cuz its only a couple miles from my house but I think I am changing my mind. Thanks for the opinions.
  8. by   SN12
    Yes, CGCC was actually my first choice as well because that is the closest school to my house, but now I rather drive far just to attend a good nursing school. I heard that Gateway and MCC are good because they are already established schools so try to apply there. Or do some more research about CGCC, you never know they might improve when it's your time. I would say that their Block I was not that bad, although it was still a hardwork because they gave us way too much unnecessary homework but they're doable; and the exams were not that bad. It was on the 2nd and 3rd block where they started to fail many good students. If you want to go to CGCC try their Banner Program, 100% of their Block II class passed, or if you can't wait you can start in CGCC for your Block I and transfer to MCC for your Block II, but just keep in mind that you can only make 1 permanent transfer according to the MCCDNP policy. In addition, I believe you cannot miss a semester or you will take Block I all over again (Please double check on this, I know that if you widraw of fail Block II you cannot miss a semester or you will apply as a new student and repeat all nursing courses in Block I; but I am not sure what's the policy if you are trying to transfer from Block I to Block II and miss a semester).Good Luck to you!
  9. by   tobimikal
    Absolutely. I just didnt know that their stats were doing so badly. I know what it is like to have professors that give exams that dont really pertain to their lectures and dont offer any support. It makes you feel like your being set up to fail. Even if that isnt necessarily the case. Anyway6, Im sure that something is going to be done to improve the pass rates because mccnp has such a good reputation and I dont think that they will let cgcc bring down their good numbers. Plus Mercy Gilbert wont be happy since they pretty much paid for the buildings and equipments to impliment that program. So good luck to you at MCC. I have heard only wonderful things about that school. You will do great.
  10. by   GilbertDaddy

    I'm on Germann and Lindsay so this was just down the street.. they were gonna be my first choice as well
  11. by   SN12
    Wow! I better report CGCC to Mercy Gilbert then, I don't think they can do anything though! but it's possible that they can help improve that school, I don't know...we'll see.
  12. by   AlishiaRN77
    This is great information to know. I too was planning on applying to CGCC nursing program. Now i don't think I want to apply there at all.