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Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to... Read More

  1. by   azknur
    Yes, transfer credits is what I ment! Thanks so much for your reply, I'll definitely give Chamberlain's asmissions a call. If I'm correct, if many of my credits do transfer over, I'll be further in the program?
  2. by   jeo684
    Hey! I just wanted to see how everyone is doing at Chamberlain. I am looking to start in the spring at the Chicago campus. What type of entrance exam do they do? I have take a TEAS test before and I am actually studying for the NLN pre-entrance exam for a different school because I am undecided about where to go to school! Any input about the school would be great! Thank you!!!
  3. by   melissa1989
    Hi I'm new to this site. I'm applying for the Phoenix campus this fall. I have a 3.8 gpa and most of the transfer classes. I was wondering if the third year block of classes, for example, statistics and econ... can we take them the first year to get them out of the way? Do we have to abide by the set curriculum or can we move some classes around?
  4. by   scoope23
    Quote from Blessb
    Hi Kmichalak,

    Chamberlain is a very good school. I did my RN-BSN and graduated in 2008. That was my first experience with online program and I enjoyed every bit of it. A lot has been said about the school check page 1 of this thread to have details about chamberlain Please bear in mind that for you to succeed, you have to be ready to put in your best, please do not procrastinate, do your assignments on time so you don't lose any points.
    I wish you all the best!

    Any problem finding employment after finishing this program. I'm considering Chamberlain
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    Hey Jsayers11,

    I graduated from Chamberlain in April of 2012 and I can assure you that Chamberlain has the regional accreditation that every employer looks for. I too, was worried about the accreditation and pass rate of the first class, but as I saw, the first class had a 100% pass rate, and subsequent pass rates have been substantially high as additional cohorts have graduated. I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions and not one person that I know of, and I knew quite a few people, failed the NCLEX. Make no mistake, new campuses have their ups and downs, but so does the profession of nursing and adaptivity is key to success in nursing, so a word of advice, become active in change and become a leader for the new campus and your peer group! Please feel free to contact me for any additional questions or concerns!

    Any problems finding employment afterwards? I'm considering them for my RN to BSN program
  6. by   Siciliangirl
    I have a friend who went to Chamberlain and said she didn't feel like she learned anything. I am still considering it because it has good reviews and maybe I would learn something even if she didn't. Plus, I believe it is a respected school. I don't know. I am trying to figure out where to go for my RN-to-BSN online program as well. I'm so glad we have nursing boards like this so we can get opinions from others in order to make a better decision.

    I just noticed no one has posted on this since 2014. Any new updates or comments?
  7. by   yvelandy81
    Good luck! There's a reason why it is so easy to get in they probably cannot keep students just saying.