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Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to... Read More

  1. by   tlovenurses
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    Hello Tlovenurses! Thanks for the reply back. I am scheduled to start school at the end of this month (Oct 24). I am excited, but because I did not qualify for financial aid, I have to come up with 4K to start . I will manage Im sure. Like you, I also have a Bachelors so I had tons of credits to transfer over. If I do it correctly I should be able to be finished in about 1.5 yrs. It will be tough trying to work full time and go to school, but I am more than determined. I look forward to seeing you during the march 2011 semester. Good luck!
    Good luck flcop2nurse......I wish you the very best and I will def keep intouch so I can have your sincere opinions about the school and program. Yeah, I think I will spend about a year+ too. I would have love to begin in oct like u but I'll be moving from out of state(Georgia), so I need to prepare financially nd mentally. Thanks again
  2. by   N.Betty
    now im worried about financing, i hope i get it. i never thought about being denied.
  3. by   Mis V
    I haven't had internet access for the past month so I haven't been able to post this, but yeay I was accepted to chamberlain with. My ged instead of hs transcripts. I was told I have early admission for febuary... and then the admissions director called me yesterday and gave me the option to start october, but I am going to wait till febuary it is a lot to do in just one week before orientation for october. So is anyone else going to the feb start? They said. We should start getting early acceptance letters within 2 weeks.... I am excited
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    Quote from chipperrn

    congratulations to everyone who has been accepted into the program! i am also starting the online rn-bsn fast track program the first of march. my biggest concern is if other schools will consider accepting me for a nurse practioner program with this degree. does anyone have any experience or know anyone who has persued this with success?
    i just got selected in the rn to b sn fast track programe starting in october 25, 2010. i have two questions
    1.are my credits from chamberlain college of nursing are transferable to other universities like odu/ gmu
    and 2. is this programe accredited. please guide me regarding this. thanks
  5. by   N.Betty
    what does early admission mean?
  6. by   Mis V
    Quote from N.Betty
    what does early admission mean?
    Early admission is when you are accepted into the program early. For instance, I applied for the spring semester starting in febuary and have been told by the director of admissions that I am in the program, I should be receiving my official acceptance letter this week. They gave me the option to start in october, but I am taking a C.N.A course before starting at chamberlain, so I turned the october spot down.
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  7. by   N.Betty
    oh thats what it meant
    AND A BIG HUGE congratulations......
  8. by   Mis V
    Thank you
  9. by   KK4YOU
    Hi Everyone,

    I am too interested in this school. Just out of curiosity do you have to give presentations in front of the class?? Anyone who knows I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks!! :spin:
  10. by   N.Betty
    KK4You.... what happened to the other school you applied to?
  11. by   Mom2Chaos
    Hello! Sorry for the late repy, but I have been pretty tied up with end-of-semester stuff and finals. I just finished Fundamentals and Health Assessment. I am still happy with CCN. I find the faculty and staff to be very fair and focused on student success. It is an accellerated program and moves at a fast pace. I do not recommend missing any classes, as not much info is repeated. For the most part, the students function cohesively as a team and work together without a lot of rivalry. Generally, we all help each other out. For the poster who asked, yes there are presentations. While I am anxious to graduate, pass boards and find a job, I am still very satisfied with my choice to attend CCN Jax. If you have any specific quetions, please ask... I'll answer as honestly as I can, based on my own experience.
  12. by   sukh :)
    Can you please tell me if this school is accredited and if credits earned here are transferable to other universities like GMU/ODU.
  13. by   N.Betty
    I am so excited to be starting Feb woohoo!