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I just got accepted into Brookline's BSN program, and I'm supposed to start in their 2nd semester in Jan...I'm so excited to be moving back to AZ from NY and begin nursing school already...anyone... Read More

  1. by   Arizonachic
    Quote from kingskidRN2b'15
    I can't private message you it says on here until 60 minutes, I'm still learning this thing, but yeah I'm in your class!
    lol it says I cannot message you back either. Weird. Ok, so I wasnt the only one concerned by this rumor?
  2. by   Arizonachic
    I dont want to keep messaging you like this on the public site, do you have a facebook?
  3. by   kingskidRN2b'15
    Hopefully you feel better now!
  4. by   kingskidRN2b'15
    Yes I do I'll inbox you!
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    I keep getting this message when I try to message you back
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    my email is (arizona chic @ live . com ) without spaces. Maybe we can communicate like that since I cant find you on Fb.
  7. by   TRINI82
    Quote from Arizonachic

    Congrats on being in the 5th semester that is awesome!! What did you think of all the previous classes? What did you like the most and the least?
    Thank you...the gen ed classes were a little rough in the sense there may be some disorganisation, but nothing you can't manage...but I will say hold on and once you get into 5th semester it feels like you're in an entirely different school...I love and hate it at the same time, and only hate it for selfish reasons like I can't hang out or sleep in anymore lol...this semester is very demanding, and we saw this as soon as we opened the first text, but we are excited and can't wait to start clinicals...good luck, and pay no attention to rumours
  8. by   RN2BPARK
    Hey everybody! I'm applying to Brookline for summer and have a few questions!
    How do you like the program?
    Your weekly average schedule?
    Professors/HW/work load?
    Please PM message me or write here!
    Thanks in advance.
  9. by   Aunpingco
    Hi! I'm attending Brooklines absn program this May. Is anyone attending?
  10. by   Mem2012
    Just got this email yesterday..

    I am thrilled to announce that today I received the letter from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) confirming the initial accreditation of our BSN program. This recognition—within two years of launching the program—is an acknowledgement of the caliber and quality of the program and our faculty. It means that all prior and future graduates until the next review in 2017 can confirm they graduated from an NLNAC accredited program.

    Please join me in congratulating our hard-working faculty and staff a this is their honor and they have earned it!
  11. by   kingskidRN2b'15
    I got it too, I'm so excited!!!! I tried to text every student I could yesterday to see if they got the word!!'
  12. by   tklovrich
    I know this is a dated forum but question for those currently in the nursing program or finished... what exactly does the nursing portion of the schooling cover? I noticed that the itinerary states gerontological nursing but no mention of med surg, psychiatric, maternity/family nursing. Is any of this covered? I ask because I was considering Brookline but after program comparison to other colleges I'm now uncertain. Help!
  13. by   TRINI82
    It covers everything you stated above. MedSurg is called Adult Health I & II, there's psych, OB, and Peds. I graduate next month.