Bio 202 books

  1. I'm taking Bio 202 at Rio Salado next month. When I took Bio 201 at EMCC, there were a lot of materials that we had to buy that just were not necessary, and a big waste of money.

    Can someone please tell me what you really need to suceed in the course? Can I get away an earlier edition of the textbook without the cd's?

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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    Sure...A&P is A&P....i don't recommend it: but if you feel comfortable, even using wikipedia is effective
  4. by   msiegel
    I just finished Rio's BIO 202 and used the CD's & online access to study and complete much of the lab work. My books were from Rio's BIO 201 the previous year, and didn't always match up exactly. I think you'll need the CD's and a pretty recent edition of book/lab manual.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   ajhill00
    I am just finishing BIO201 at RIO.
    I am going to take BIO202 in person at MCC.

    They told me these would be the same books for fall semester, but now that I look up the syllabus it is showing a package that is different. I'm going to email my instructor and ask her about it.

    Also, if 202 is anything like 201 at RIO you will definitely need the Lab manual because a lot of the quiz questions are directly from the diagrams in the manual and textbook.
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  6. by   lacappuccino
    I just finished this class, in 8 weeks. I was a basketcase for most of the 8 weeks. It was insanely crazy. 2 chapters a week, basically. And you are required to know basically everything. I had taken AP 201 and 202 from a different college and 202 did not transfer to my new college. So for me, it was a repeat and the class was very challenging.

    I used the 7th edition of the book and never ever saw a need for the newer edition. Actually, I have the 4th edition of the book as well and could have used that one really.

    The lab manual, however, is MUST MUST MUST. The Lab practicals and lab quizzes (that are timed) come directly from the lab manual. I purchased that from Rio Salado.

    The CD's and etc, personally, I did not use them. There are few questions anywhere from them and I found them cumbersome and time consuming and ineffective for me.

    The area I focused on was outlining and reading the chapters - doing ALL the essay questions - taking the online quizzes and doing well on the lab practicals (which is just a timed quiz over several lab chapters).

    I studied about 3-5 hours a day - and I got a "B". I am an "A" student, but was so very happy with that "B"!!!!!

    Its a tough class because it moves fast, there is little interaction with the teacher - there is no study guide - and you really have to know everything (which is impossible). If you keep your grade in the high "B" to low "A" range on all the assignments - you can get in the 60% range on the midterm and final and still pass with a "B".

    have fun!
  7. by   mom2a1c2
    I just finished the midterm for Bio202. Overall I got a 78%, not horrendous, but enough to pass the class. Overall, I have an 83% in the class now. I have been a basketcase for the past 4 weeks, and I'm expecting the next 4 to be the same.

    I'm using the 7th edition book and lab manual, and it works. I've used the cd's a little, but I do find a lot of the videos on you tube very helpful.

    I have also found that if you google one of the questions in the syllabus, the answer will come up.