Banner New grad, what to expect?

  1. HI everyone! i start the banner new grad program on September 24th, can anyone tell me wha the first few weeks consist of? Ive been with banner for 3 years so i know the company, but have no idea what to expect as a new nurse! Thanks (:
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  3. by   AZBlueBell
    Congrats! You'll have an orientation day in Mesa full of the "paperwork" stuff like logging into email, getting the Kronos and mobile pass app setup, talking with the BSS new grad manager, and then working on BLCs (online learning modules). You'll have SIM days at some point, the amount of days you have to go is determined by your service line. Also based on your service line will be an "academy" you have to go through during orientation, done between or during your regular floor shifts. Any certifications and classes required for your service line will be sprinkled in as well. And then if course, your shifts on the floor.

    Good luck!
  4. by   alliesweetie14
    I heard the first 3 weeks will be doing simulation and lectures. Is that true?
  5. by   AZBlueBell
    No, the first week is orientation days (I may have had 1 shift on the floor, I don't remember). Then the second week you have another class about safety and you'll have another class on CERNER, plus floor shifts. The only "lectures" I got were part of my academy training which happened a month later or so and was 2-3 hour classes once or twice a week. Then I had two SIM days, one for new grad RNs and one for my service line (the amount of SIM days you have varies based on your unit).

    I started on the floor the first or second week with my preceptor and everything else was sprinkled in between.