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  1. Hello!

    I am a current post-bacc student at ASU. I am starting a thread for those applying to the 2018 program. Last year we had fantastic support from the 2016 class (and still have support from them today), so we are extending this help to the 2018 hopefuls as well! The feed for our class last year was an invaluable resource, so use this one to ask for advice or get answers to your"burning" questions (nursing school reference…you will see)!

    Good luck to you all!
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  3. by   kayceehi
    Hello, I am currently working an application for 2018.
    Can you share how the acceptance rate was last year?
  4. by   Celester321
    So this year was super, duper crazy. We only had 48 applicants and there were 48 spots. There are currently 43 of us. It has NEVER been like that (at least not in the last 3 years that I have been checking). In years past, the average advancing score was around 1.8-ish (which is like a having a 4.0 GPA and 80 on the TEAS or so on and so forth). However, almost everyone accepted this year still had very high scores due to history of this program being very competitive.
  5. by   kayceehi
    wow, only 48 spots? is it going to be same this year too? Hows school so far?
  6. by   Celester321
    48 is actually high. They were theorizing it there would be between 44-48 slots and ended up having the full 48 seats. I think it was the same last year. Every year is different so don't quote me at all!

    School is crazy and stressful, but that's nursing school, right? We have our final Theory test tomorrow (yuck) and then a whole 2 week break! I'm so excited. Several of us were recently discussing that though it is stressful, we are so glad that this is only 1 year (one crazy year). I would much rather just get it done than drag it out for 2-2.5 years.
  7. by   kayceehi
    Good luck with your exam tomrow!!
    I am just nervous about the application, i heard this program is really competitive
  8. by   Celester321
    If you don't apply, you for sure won't get in! Just make yourself competitive with a kick butt TEAS.
    Also, make an appointment with the nursing/health sciences counseling office to review your courses. Lots of people didn't have a 4.0, so don't worry.
  9. by   Jgrawn
    Hi! I was hoping to get some info from you guys about weekly/daily schedule. I'm trying to arrange care for my two little kiddos. Any info would be much appreciated!
  10. by   Sundevil2015
    I'm also currently in the post bacc program this year,
    Jgrawn, i have a young child also and as far as child care goes, you do know the schedule pretty good in advance in order to make arrangements. This spring semester I was surprised and happy that I actually got to be at home more with my son than I did when I was working full time. I'm not sure if the schedule will stay exactly the same but Monday and Fridays class started at 810 we were done with class by 1030. Tuesday and Thursdays are clinical/lab days. For a few weeks you only have labs which they say will last from 730-4 but we usually went home by 2-3. The other days are clinicals and usually don't go past 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Wednesdays we had two classes from 1015-430. This summer seems like clinical hours will be a little longer into the day (for psych, we do have some afternoon clinicals).
    I hope that helps
  11. by   Jgrawn
    Sundevil2015, thank you so much for the info!
  12. by   Jlg830
    Jgrawn, I agree with sun devil. I had way more time than I expected. However, whatever you set up does need to be extremely flexible. You won't have a schedule that's like 7-4 everyday. Mondays and Friday's were always consistent like sun devil said. Tue and thursdays, when we had lab (1st half of semester) we would start at 7 or 730 usually but that would change. And we would usually get out anywhere from 1-3 but there was once or twice we didn't get out til 430. The schedules you get usually always said 4 and you don't know til you're there if you'll be out early. Then in the second half of the semester when you had clinicals one day, lab one day, the clinicals start usually around 615 or so but that depends on placement and your teacher so it's a very early morning for daycare. Overall, I was always there to pick my kids up from school mon and fri, was able to always drop them off at school Wednesday's. On lab days (not clinical) was able to pick them up from school like 70% of the time.
  13. by   kayceehi
    Do we have a facebook for Post-Bacc ASU 2018? I want to join
  14. by   Celester321
    We do. It's called "ASU 2018 Post-Bacc BSN (aka: Sleep is optional, right?)" We can add all hopefuls, and then fix it to those who are admitted (you'll find out in November).