ASU Post-Bacc Nursing Program 2013

  1. Hello out there!

    Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASU's Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of 2012 is more than welcome to write and let me know how it is going for them as well!

    My application is in and I wanted to see if anyone else is out there and want to discuss your GPA, TEAS V scores, anxieties, and the program in general.

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  3. by   ashenmegly11
    Hey Kellyfish!I have also applied as of last Friday for the Spring 2013 Post-Bacc program. I am interested in knowing when we officially find out! Have you heard how many spots there will be available? I have heard 40 officially and they're expecting around 60-70 applicants.I am sitting with a 3.87 select GPA and a TEAS exam score of 94%. I am keeping my fingers crossed because I hear it is extremely competitive! Where are you sitting with your grades, etc? I am nervous to see how intense this program is. But it's also really exciting that in a year we would be done! Are you looking to go onto other things after this program?
  4. by   Kellyfish
    Wow awesome TEAS score!! Congrats! I am going in with a select GPA of 4.0 and a TEAS of 92.0. I was told the same thing as you in regards to there being 40 spots. They said that we receive a letter in the mail letting us know if we made it in the end of November, which leaves a lot of time to wait and worry LOL. I am also super nervous about getting in since it is so competitive! I really want to hear from some 2012 students to see how they are handling it since it is so fast paced. And I would love to get a job where my employer would pay for me to continue my education even further-what about you? Thanks for responding, it is nice knowing there is someone else out there feeling the same way!!
  5. by   ashenmegly11
    Wow you are sitting up there nice and pretty too with those grades! Good job! Yeah now is the hard part for me..I have been working my tail off all year getting my pre-reqs done (I just decided in February this is my calling) so I have been busy busy busy. And now we are just supposed to sit still and wait. That's gonna kill me! I would love if some 2012 students were to post. I am really interested since this was their first year even doing this program how it is all going and if there have been any bumps in the road, etc. I am also looking to further my education after this. I am wanting to look into CRNA schools, but then again I also hear that they aren't in high demand in AZ and that their salary here compared to other states is wayyy below average. So who knows. I am just anxious to find out if I am actually drawn to a particular field once we start clinical work because ya never really know until you're in there ya know? What was your previous degree in?
  6. by   mrszuff11
    I'm so happy to find this thread! I actually applied during last year's cycle, was admitted, and deferred for a year. So I will be starting in January 2013. FYI - My GPA for all my prereqs was a 4.0, my TEAS score was 92, my prior bachelor's degree was in Urban Studies/Planning. So I think you two are in really good shape. I have heard that the applicants are more competitive this year (just because more people know about the program and are qualified to apply this year), but the class is also doubling in size. Last year it was only 20 or so.

    I would also love to hear from some current students! I found one current student's blog, but she's only updated it 3 times since January. It's almost like she's busy or something.

    Ashenmegly, I was also interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist down the road, but have been told numerous times that Phoenix does not have a high demand for them. It's an anesthesiologist-friendly place. There is more demand in rural areas, which doesn't work for me.
  7. by   ashenmegly11
    Hi mrszuff11!

    Congrats on getting in! I didn't know you could defer for one year...that's great! Do you have any idea what the other applicants looked like last year? I was a little more confident when I first applied, but seeing you both have 4.0s its worrying me how many others might! I just keep stressing myself out. And there's still a month long wait ahead of me. Since you were accepted previously, did you get any information about the program and what it will entail...other than the checklist sheet that I am sure we have all gotten when meeting with an advisor. As far as nurse anesthetist goes, any idea as to why they aren't in demand in Phoenix area? The rural area doesn't really work for me either. I am not settled down with a family or anything, but that's not where I would be looking to do so. What a bummer. Are you looking into other areas then, or thinking about moving elsewhere to continue that path? Welcome! Hopefully we can join you in this 2013 class!
  8. by   mrszuff11
    Hey, thanks! I think you need a pretty compelling reason to defer. It's not something they advertise, and I had to petition for it. I'm super grateful they agreed. I don't know much about the applicants from last year, but I think it was less competitive last year. It was the first year, so there were fewer people who could complete the prereqs in time, and fewer people knew about the program. That said, I still think you're in great shape...especially if your essays were well-written, which it seems like they probably were. Good luck!

    As far as the program itself, all I know is what I was told at the welcome meeting in December, which isn't much more than you already know. We found out about books ($$$), supplies, and uniforms for labs and clinical days. There were presentations on advising, student groups/clubs, and the remaining physical/drug test requirements. Other than that, there was not much information provided about the schedule except that classes are between 7:30 am and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. I have heard that there will be more info about this provided at the welcome meeting this year, though.

    My OB told me that nurse anesthetists aren't in demand in Phoenix because hospitals and surgery centers prefer to use anesthesiologists, and there are a lot of anesthesiologists here. So there's not much need for nurse anesthetists. For now, my plan is just to get my BSN, work for a couple years, and see if something jumps out at me.
  9. by   Kellyfish
    ashenmegly11-My previous degree is in Criminal Justice which makes me wish I would have stayed with my original major of Biology. Getting all of my pre-reqs done has been insane for me as well LOL.

    mrszuff11-Thanks for the info and welcome to our little group of *hopefully* class of 2013 ! You have given more some more hope since we have the same exact GPA and TEAS score And I have seen the same blog as you. When I saw that she had posted so few times and what she posted it made me even more nervous!

    By the way my name is Kelly and I still have 2 courses in the works at nice to "meet" you both!!
  10. by   mrszuff11
    Nice to meet you too! My name is Stefanie. Did they tell you when you can expect to receive an admissions decision? Waiting is so tough!
  11. by   Kellyfish
    Hi Stefanie! They said to expect letters in the mail at the end of November, so the nail biting continues for a month When did they let you know last year? Do you have to wait for a letter this time around as well? Did you have to resubmit an application this go-round since you were deferred? Do you have any idea what the cut-off was for last year's group (like what their GPA and TEAS were?)?
  12. by   mrszuff11
    Yeah, I remember getting the letter right around Thanksgiving last year. Luckily I didn't need to reapply, I just had to make sure my TB test and everything was current. I have no idea what the cut-off was for last year's group, unfortunately. It's not something they publicized, as far as I know, and I didn't ask anyone else what their scores were. I wish I could be more help!
  13. by   AZwannabe
    Hi There-

    I submitted my application, so I'm waiting to hear the decision, as well. I have a 4.0 Select GPA and an 88% TEAS. I was feeling confident until I logged on here :-) It would be nice to know one way or the other, so I could start planning for the spring.

    If I don't get in, I'm going to apply for Grand Canyon in the Summer. Anybody else have backup plans?
  14. by   orangetomato
    Wow, they weren't kidding about this program being competitive. You all have really strong scores! Im applying with a 3.875 gpa, a 96 teas score, and a couple of bad essays. Good luck everyone!