ASU Junior 1 - scrubs & clinicals

  1. In the orientation meeting they mentioned that scrubs would be worn in class at times. Does anyone know how often? Also, how soon do we get our clinical schedule? Do we get it for the whole semester or does it change periodically?

    Any info is appreciated. I am anxious for this to start and have a million questions.
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  3. by   Hobberdog
    I found out that scrubs will be worn on Lab days and at Clinicals only. The first day of classes is a lab day but scrubs will not be worn on that day. The first day will be orientation and info on clinicals. I also found out that in the first semester there will be no clinicals on the same day you attend class at the downtown campus. This info was important for me because I will be taking the bus to school to save money. I hope this info helps anyone else who had the same questions I did.
  4. by   Tarabara
    Throughout the program you will probably never have a day with both clinical and class (the clinicals are usually long, at least 6 hours). You should get your clinical schedule within the first few weeks and it will be for the length of that rotation. I dont remember about first semester but 2nd semester is medsurg and psych so if you're starting with medsurg you'd get your schedule for those 7 weeks and then when you switch to psych you'll get a new schedule.