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I got my acceptance letter today for Fall 2012 at the Mayo Campus! I'm so excited and can't wait to get everything together. Has anyone else heard back so far about their advancement for either... Read More

  1. by   BinkaRN
    In the welcome meeting reminder email we got last week there were docs with some lists of supplies and information about the uniform vendor. I've already looked for the stethoscopes on Amazon and found much better prices for them and for most of the other supplies. It will be nice to get a look at the scrubs and everything else tomorrow, but I don't plan on buying anything just yet.
  2. by   BinkaRN
    Quote from sar.pile
    Hi, congratulations on your acceptance! I just got my acceptance letter last weekend. I will be attending Mayo in the fall as well!
    Congrats! I'm really excited about the welcome meeting, maybe we'll meet there tomorrow.
  3. by   linstubbs
    I am in the same boat you are. I was accepted to ASU in fall and am currently applying to GCU. I didn't know they were already accepting students for the fall 2012 since the app isn't due til May 15th so I guess I need to finalize all my submissions. GCU @ AT Still is much closer to me and I would love to do clinicals close as well. Did they tell you the exact break down of cost? I left the ASU meeting today and figured it out and they amount for both was about the same. Maybe I was misinformed of GCUs cost. Have you decided what you are going to do yet?
  4. by   linstubbs
    apr 16 by sun_devil:]
    congratulations! i got my acceptance letter yesterday. i was so happy, i cried! lol i got my 1st preference for fall 2012 on the downtown campus. in the letter it says to return the intent to enroll form, is that a different form from the health clearance one? i don't think i got the intent to enroll form...
  5. by   Hobberdog
    I chose ASU over GCU. I met with GCU and got a complete cost breakdown. It ends up costing about $10,000 more than ASU and you will continue through the summer (more school). I need the summers off to work so that I have enough money to survive through the semester. Other factors that played a part are that ASU is ranked #21 and GCU is ranked #435. I was also concerned about travel. ASU is farther away but clinicals at either school will be all over the valley. I can get a year long bus pass ($150) and travel to ASU on the express bus (45min) - Superstition Springs Mall to Downtown. It is pretty cheap travel and I can study on the drive.

    The biggest factor for me was money. GCU costs more and requires more schooling for the same degree. ASU gives the summer off which gives you time to work. I will be 40 years old when I start the program and I have 5 kids (the last one is due in June). My family will appreciate that I have more time with them as well.
  6. by   Hobberdog
    I have purchased my scrubs and stethoscope, but I am having a hard time finding white shoes. Do they have to be 100% white or can there be a little color on them?

    Also, what do you think of the online book option? I have never done online books before but I am considering it because of the search ability and my laptop is much lighter than the stack of books I would have to carry around.