ASU anyone?

  1. Hey gang!
    So, I am exploring all my options here, and getting frustrated with MCCCD. I am wondering if anyone is in the ASU nursing program, particularly the accelerated program at the Polytech campus in the far east valley. What are your thoughts on the program, the admission process, and the clinical schedule and locations? Thanks!
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  3. by   tmangulo
    I am registered for the ASU RN-BSN program starting in the Spring of 2011, that is if I can make it through block 2 at SCC this semester. I am excited about it and have heard that it is less time consuming although more pricey than GCU.

    I read on another post about your HESI scores and tutoring. I am uber interested as my Block 2 hesi is this tuesday. Available?
  4. by   cna to crna2b
    ASU has closed the poly program. The program is only at downtown phx now. They have an accelerated program once a year at the Mayo clinic. I just got accepted into the accelerated summer program at the downtown phx program.
    As far as the admittance process it is very hard. They just stopped using the NET and now are using another test. They take your GPA of 13 of the 17 classes and use that with your entrance test. The first time I applied I had a 4.0 a 93 on the math and a 73 on the reading on the NET and I did not get in. I was shy by about 0.02 points from getting in.
    So it has no wait list but it is very very competitive. Keep your options open still apply at MCCD and explore different schools.
  5. by   MassagetoRN
    Wow, can't believe that I posted this 2.5 yrs ago! I am at the end of my Block 4, and yes, moving on to ASU's RN-BSN in Fall 2010. Its actually cheaper than GCU, even with your Banner employee discount (if you can get a Banner job!). Yes, I can do some tutoring. PM me and I'll try to PM you as well!