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  1. Hi I have SC RN license but I'm relocating to Arizona last wk of April because I was offered a job in one of the Banner facilities.I wanted to apply early for Arizona license but I do know that you can't hold two compact license at the same time.Is there a way for me to apply now for an Arizona license even if i'm still here in SC or do I just have to wait until we move there in April? My fear is I will not have enough time because from what I read just the fingerprint checking takes about 2-3 wks plus the fact that they have lots of requirements for foreign graduate nurses like me! Pls guys, need your help any info will be appreciated!
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  3. by   arual56
    First of all, contact the Arizona State Board of Nursing and ask them the questions you have posted here. Phone number is 1-602-889-5150 or e-mail at or website at Don't wait around to do your homework and get the information you need to plan. Do your homework now. You may be able to send the application and your fingerprints in now, along with your documentation, and have less time to wait when you get here. The other thing is, you can down load the application from their website, but I suggest you ask them to mail you a package since it will have the fingerprint card in it. Send it ALL back at the same time. There will be less chance of the components getting seperated and then lost. I just graduated and took my NCLEX. I don't know how your state board tests are, but this was more than a bit of a nightmare for me. One more thing, stay on top of them. Don't bug them or be too pushy, but if you contact them and then don't get a reply for a week to ten days, contact them again. Good luck in your testing and your new job. And since I was born here in Arizona, welcome to my home.
  4. by   island40
    I live in IA (moved here from AZ) and as a compact state I can work in AZ on my IA license. There is not hurry to change it if you have a compact license- that is the reason for the compact. When you get your residency changed (if you are staying in AZ) then you can apply for the license. I wouldn't be in any hurry to pay out the extra fees if I could work on the license that I have. Wish I was in Glendale watching the superbowl now instead of watching 4 inches of snow fall here!!