Any Arizona Nursing Agencies Offer Housing Vouchers?

  1. We are looking to move to Arizona and heard that their are agencies looking to hire RN's and one of the perks is that they give you a housing voucher or where you pay cheap rent.

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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Experienced Travel Nurses are frequently offered housing vouchers to come here on contracts this time of year if you have a specialty like ICU or OR. Is that what you mean?

    If you mean just relocating and a hospital or agencies around here paying your rent to come... yeah think again.
  4. by   MsBruiser
    Some people used to work "local agency" for years. They would permanently live in Phoenix and then get "travel" jobs to hospitals in the Phoenix metro area. To my knowledge, I have not run across anyone doing that since the Great Recession of 2008 has hit. I have been getting lots of mail/phone calls from agency recruiters looking locally for RN(s), but those are not for "travel" contracts so there is no housing voucher. But yeah, some people worked the system really nicely for many years! Those days will come back once the economy picks up and the dust from the Affordable Care Act settles....
  5. by   asiangal
    Actually housing vouchers for rent. For example, a friend of mine on Indian Reservation said they offer discounted housing as part of their compensation package. Knowing that this type of nursing benefit just doesn't come from just "ICU or OR" jobs...I thought there would be other jobs that offer this type of benefit in their compensation packages.