AAS in Nursing and Nursing Program at MCCD

  1. Hi everyone!

    For the past few days, I have been wondering like seriously what is the main difference between the AAS in Nursing and the Nursing program of a community college. Can someone please shed some light with this issue I have, I am really getting frustrated on which one to pursue.

    Personally, I will choose the AAS in Nursing basically because while I am waiting to be accepted at ASUs (Arizona State University) BSN program I have the opportunity to earn some money (being an RN at a local hospital), also I guess there is no waiting list for the AAS in Nursing program, am I right on this?

    Currently, I am completing some general education and MCCD pre-requisites at Rio Salado Community College; when I am done with the FON, CHM, and BIO classes with Rio Salado CC, I will be transferring either to GateWay Community College or Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

    So my questions are:
    is AAS in Nursing and the Nursing program different or the same?
    is there also a waiting list for AAS in Nursing? If so, approximately how many months?

    I hope there is no waiting list for the AAS in Nursing because if there is I will have to apply ASAP!

    I will really appreciate your helpful responses , thank you very much! Any suggestions/comments are also highly appreciated!
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  3. by   fromtheseaRN
    there is no difference. when you graduate from the community college nursing program, the degree you will hold is the AAS (associate of applied science in nursing), or some will call it the ASN (associate in science of nursing).
    so yes, there is a wait list because they are the same: the AAS in Nursing is what you earn in the nursing program.

    my advice, apply to the community colleges ASAP, work on your remaining ASU prereqs while you wait, and see where you get in first. i ended up getting in the community college program before i finished my ASU prereqs. after you earn your RN you can do the RN-BSN program online through ASU if you wish to earn your bachelors degree. considering there are about zero jobs and they all want BSNs, i would recommend doing this.
  4. by   pre-ASUstudent
    Thank you for your response! May I ask, which MCCD are you currently studying at?